Listing Quality

Listing Quality

Remove the guesswork out of optimizing your listings on

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Our free Listing Quality Dashboard has been developed with the goal of helping you succeed. With it, you can gain specific insightful recommendations to help you drive sales and grow your Walmart Marketplace business. Use this powerful tool to take your optimization strategy to the next level.

Build top-performing item pages with the Listing Quality Dashboard

Discover your Listing Quality Score

The Listing Quality Score is a holistic score provided at the catalog and item level. Use this as a guide to help you strengthen every aspect of your business.

Post-Purchase Quality insights are also available to help guide you to make more optimized listings, based on the experience of your customers.

Make impactful improvements

Leverage the dashboard’s specific recommendations to improve your item’s content and discoverability. Through providing more detailed descriptions, images, proper usage of attributes and other useful information, you’re on your way to a better listing.

Become an optimization expert

Content isn’t the only key in capturing a customer’s attention. Ensure you’re providing comparable pricing, options for fast shipping, and stable inventory levels. Utilizing this tool will help you make data-driven decisions.

What is Listing Quality?

At Walmart, we look at all the factors that can affect a customer’s purchase decision and reduced those into a single holistic score. Using an advanced algorithm, every individual Listing Quality Score is tailored by what matters most for the customer in that item’s specific category. Different categories may have differently weighed factors. Use the Listing Quality Dashboard to be your guide to unlocking each item’s maximum potential.

Login to Seller Center and click on Growth Opportunities to start optimizing your listings

Make impactful improvements

Dive into your Item Details page today to start revealing all your free quality insights. With optimized listings you will:

  • Gain product visibility and drive more traffic to your listings, plus more inclusion in marketing campaigns.
  • Turn browsers into shoppers and drive organic lift in conversion.
  • Minimize returns and gain repeat business with quality content that helps customers make confident purchase decisions.

Understand how to optimize your listings effectively

To optimize your listings for maximum effect you should be aware of these four factors: Content & Discoverability, Offer, Ratings & Reviews, and Post-Purchase Quality. As you optimize for these factors you increase the chance your listing gets noticed and make you a sale.

Here are the factors that help make an optimal listing:

Content & Discoverability

How descriptive is your listing?

Be sure to have clear Titles, Descriptions, Images and Attributes for all your listings.


How competitive is your offer?

We look at competitive item prices, fast delivery speeds, and high in-stock rates.

Post-Purchase Quality

How great is your customer experience?

Pay attention to your customer experience-oriented factors like delivery defects as well as order cancellation and return rates.

Ratings & Reviews

What are your customers saying?

Customer feedback is integral to improving your search rankings, which can be generated organically or through special programs.

Apply the Rules

What makes a quality listing on

  • Make sure you’re selecting the right category and apply the best keywords to improve search performance.
  • Utilize a clean and concise title while specifying relevant attributes will ensure your products register when customers use product filters to search.
  • Include detailed product descriptions and high-resolution photos to help your products stand out visually.
  • Expedited shipping options, competitive prices, compelling ratings and reviews make the customer feel confident about making a purchase.
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