Assortment Growth Dashboard

Assortment Growth Dashboard

Get relevant insights for growing your business on

Log in to Seller Center, click on Growth Opportunities and navigate to the Assortment Growth Dashboard

Uniquely designed to give your business a competitive edge, the Assortment Growth Dashboard is one of many Walmart Marketplace tools that empowers the success of our sellers. Using customer demand signals, category data, and more, this tool recommends best-selling items to add to your catalog. Get started today to gain valuable insights on market trends, product prices on other platforms, how to win the Buy Box and more!

Expand your Marketplace listings with popular brands and items!

Take the guesswork out of selling

Get personalized recommendations that’ll help grow your catalog and boost sales. You may even see items that aren’t available on, giving you that extra edge over the competition!

Find exactly what you need

Seamlessly filter by price, category, or brand to find the exact info you want. Already know what you’re looking for? Simply type a suggested category or brand into the search field to quickly locate it.

Set everything up effortlessly

Save time and add desired suggested items immediately with our quick set up item action. Not ready to complete the process? Your item(s) will be waiting in the set-up interface until you’re ready!

Learn more about Assortment Growth

Take control of your dashboard!

Keep only the recommendations you want
Get personalized recommendations that’ll help expand your assortment and boost sales. You may even see items that aren’t available on, giving you that extra edge over the competition!

Save time with bulk downloads
The perfect time-saving hack, easily bulk download a complete list of recommendations—or a select group—into an Excel file to quickly grow your catalog.

Stay up to date on market trends
Keep on top of trending brands and products with new recommendations updated periodically. Simply return to your dashboard every few days to check for a new set of suggestions.

Getting started

Access your Assortment Growth Dashboard by logging into your Seller Center account.

  1. Sign in to Seller Center, and on the left navigation under “Analytics,” select “Growth Opportunities.
  2. Click on the “Assortment Growth” tab on the top navigation bar.
  3. You’re in! Here you can choose from high-value items to add to your catalog.

For more detailed information about the Assortment Growth Dashboard, please check out our Seller Help article.

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