Shipping Templates

Shipping Templates

Optimize your shipping settings to boost conversion with custom Shipping Templates

Log in to Seller Center and find Shipping Templates under the Settings menu to start customizing your setup.

Shipping Templates are designed to simplify shipping settings setup with multiple custom configurations, flexible transit times, granular delivery regions, and reports. Optimize your shipping settings and increase sales with easy-to-use templates all within Seller Center or using your preferred integration method.

What’s changing?

Shipping Templates will replace Global Shipping Settings, both for Seller Center and API users. Read more about product features and check out our Seller Help article to learn more about settings migration.

If you have any shipping overrides or TwoDay shipping settings, they will not be migrated to Shipping Templates. Learn more about the settings migration timeline and key dates here.

Explore more ways to get the most out of Shipping Templates with these exciting features:

Custom templates

As a seller, you can customize your setup based on your fulfillment network, preferred shipping carriers, and assortment needs.

Granular delivery

Drive conversion with faster shipping in regions where you can reach customers in just two days.

Flexible transit times

Delight customers by matching your delivery promise with the actual delivery time.

Configuration reports

Download reports to instantly see which SKUs are assigned to each template.

Custom templates

Build a robust shipping strategy on your own terms. Enjoy flexibility to assign different SKUs to different templates depending on your preferences.

When you create a custom shipping template, configure it in 4 easy steps:

  1. Set up your warehouse(s) in Seller Center
  2. Identify your shipping transit time by region based on your specific carrier(s) and shipping service(s)
  3. Create and configure your shipping templates by region (Note: a faster delivery promise has a higher conversion rate on average)
  4. Assign your entire catalog or any number of SKUs to your shipping templates

Apply custom settings to your entire catalog or assign SKUs to different templates as desired.

Granular delivery

The faster you ship, the more you sell!

With regional setup, you can easily participate in TwoDay and ThreeDay programs. Benefit from increased visibility and Buy Box prominence, which can increase your conversion rate.

Flexible transit times

Did you know that a fast delivery promise on your product pages improves your conversion rate? With more control over your transit time setup, now you can bridge the gap between estimated and actual delivery dates and provide precise shipping information for all your orders.

Transit time options

  • TwoDay
    1-2 days
  • Standard
    3, 4, or 5 days
  • Value
    6 or 7 days
  • Freight
    8, 9, or 10 days

Configuration reports

Keeping track of your setup—no matter how advanced—is simple. View configuration reports to quickly see where SKUs are assigned. There’s no need to hold on to former shipping spec sheets to remember where SKUs have been assigned.

Take a look at what’s ahead

Shipping Templates are now available for Seller Center and API users to start configuring. If your new API settings are not ready in time for the launch, you can temporarily use Seller Center to update and manage your shipping settings.

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