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Manage your brands and intellectual property rights with a powerful new tool

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Brand owners frequently need to stay alert and react quickly to protect their intellectual property. With the new Walmart Brand Portal, you can manage your various brands, submit multiple types of intellectual property claims, and track claim status, all within one easy to use interface. Register for the Walmart Brand Portal today to simplify your brand management on

Use the Walmart Brand Portal to manage all aspects of your intellectual property brand management

Manage everything effortlessly

We’ve designed the Walmart Brand Portal to be an easy-to-use unified hub for managing your registered brands, intellectual property claims, and authorized representatives.

Protect your brand

Submit intellectual property claims using a simple form.

Track your claims

Monitor your claims in one single dashboard, then delve into individual claims to check on their progress and results.

Manage your brand in one place

The Walmart Brand Portal has been designed from the ground up to be a single, unified experience where you will manage your brands and claims. You can register as many brands as you like (although please note that we require an active trademark registration with the USPTO), submit and track intellectual property claims, manage your authorized representatives, and get up-to-date reporting. Everything is centrally located to make your intellectual property rights management an effortless one.

Submit your intellectual property claims

The centerpiece of your intellectual property rights protection is the claims submission system, which allows you to file one of four types of claims in an easy form:

  • Trademark
  • Counterfeit
  • Copyright
  • Patent

Fill in just a few fields to submit intellectual property claims easily and efficiently. Plus, you can authorize third-party representatives to submit claims on your behalf.

Monitor everything in one dashboard

Once you have submitted a claim, use the dashboard to monitor its status. The dashboard will show you every claim you’ve submitted through Walmart Brand Portal. You can click on a claim to get more information about the claim and its current status.

Getting started

Enjoy a simple sign-on experience and use Seller Center credentials to access the Walmart Brand Portal. Once completed, you’ll be able to navigate between the two platforms using one set of credentials.


Navigate to the Walmart Brand Portal homepage and select Sign in.


Choose “Use Seller Center Account” and enter your Seller Center credentials.


Complete registration steps by submitting Company Profile and Brand Details.

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