Expedited Delivery

Expedited Delivery

OneDay, TwoDay, and ThreeDay

Unlock your potential—sell more when you offer fast and free shipping


lift in conversion on average

Products with 1-, 2-, and 3-day delivery options get more visibility & better conversion on Walmart.com

Enabling expedited shipping is a smart way to stand out on Walmart.com

Speedy delivery is a top priority for online shoppers today—the faster you ship, the more you sell. With Walmart Marketplace’s fast OneDay, TwoDay, and ThreeDay delivery, you can boost your products in search results and convert more customers. Plus, you’re in control. Ship items yourself, get help from Walmart Fulfillment Services (WFS), or offer free expedited shipping for any portion of your catalog.

What’s more, you can save time and cut costs while configuring your shipping settings. Buy discounted shipping labels, compare carriers, and estimate rates—all directly within the comfort of Seller Center.


Access discounted shipping labels
& carrier rates* in just a few clicks

*Currently available for UPS, Fedex, and USPS


Access discounted shipping labels
& carrier rates* in just a few clicks

*Currently available for UPS, Fedex, and USPS

Gain more visibility

Increase your Buy Box wins and rank higher in search and browse results due to boosted Listing Quality with expedited delivery.

Grow your sales

Improve your conversion rates, win more customers, and reduce cart abandonment with a fast and free delivery promise.

Enjoy regional flexibility

Stay in control of your shipping strategy with Shipping Templates and offer expedited delivery in precise areas you can reach in 1, 2, or 3 days.

Getting started with OneDay, TwoDay, and ThreeDay is simple with Shipping Templates—just set up your configuration and assign SKUs to custom templates.


Request access to the program and enable the OneDay shipping method— sellers approved for TwoDay shipping automatically have access to the OneDay shipping method.


Gain access to the program and enable the TwoDay shipping method—make changes anytime.


Choose the ‘Standard’ shipping method and select a 3-day transit time—no approval necessary.


Explore the benefits of each fulfillment option

  OneDay TwoDay ThreeDay
Buy Box prominence
Fast delivery promise
Increased conversion
Regional Settings
Fast delivery tag
Filter inclusion
Improved search rankings
Smart Tags Coming soon
Eligibility Eligibility criteria apply Eligibility criteria apply N/A
Access Available upon request Available upon request Available to all
Supports paid shipping

Accessing expedited delivery

You’ve got 2 options


Ship yourself

Able to take care of shipping on your own? Manage fulfillment yourself, either nationwide or regionally, from your own warehouses.

Our seller-fulfilled option allows you to set up OneDay, TwoDay, or ThreeDay delivery. While there are qualifications you must meet to participate in OneDay and TwoDay delivery, participating in ThreeDay delivery requires no prior approval.


Get help

Want help with shipping? Get support from Walmart Fulfillment Services (WFS), one of our approved third-party partners such as ShipBob & Flexport, or contact Seller Help and we’ll help answer any questions you may have.

Frequently Asked Questions

OneDay, TwoDay, and ThreeDay delivery are all great options for standing out on Walmart.com and delighting customers with fast and free shipping. The faster, the better. Items in the TwoDay program can earn up to a 50% lift in conversion on average, while items in the ThreeDay program have seen a 30% lift in conversion on average, according to Walmart data.* Items with TwoDay and OneDay delivery also benefit from filter inclusion and delivery tags.

*Walmart first-party data, Feb – Aug 2023

Navigate to Shipping Templates under your Shipping Profile in Seller Center. Create a template, choose the ‘Standard’ shipping method, and choose a 3-day transit time. (Transit times in the ‘Standard’ template are flexible, and can be 3, 4, or 5 days.)

Seller-fulfilled OneDay and TwoDay Delivery is not automatically available to every seller. There’s a set of qualifications you must meet, and you can request access in Seller Center. You must be a seller on Walmart Marketplace for at least 90 days or you’ve fulfilled 100+ orders; your on-time shipping & delivery rate is > 95%; your valid tracking rate is > 95%; your cancellation rate is < 1.5%; and you offer free returns.

Sellers who use Walmart Fulfillment Services do not need to meet the above qualifications. TwoDay Delivery is automatically available for all WFS items.

Our Smart Tags technology attaches fast delivery tags, such as 2-day or 3-day, to eligible items. To become eligible, items must be delivered within five days or less. Using Smart Tags helps you keep your delivery promise and improve the customer experience. By using this machine learning algorithm, you can have delivery tags added to (and removed from) your items without doing the manual work.

You can request access to Smart Tags in Seller Center.

You are not required to offer expedited delivery as a Walmart Marketplace seller, and nothing will happen if you don’t. However, to be competitive, we recommend participating in the expedited delivery solution that works for your business. Using Shipping Templates means you can offer expedited delivery on however many SKUs you choose, even if that’s a small portion of your catalog or in specific regions.

Learn more about expedited shipping

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