Stay ahead of the competition with the all-new Walmart Marketplace Repricer tool

Let the Walmart Marketplace Repricer keep your offers competitive

Customers can count on everyday low prices on, and now you can manage your pricing more efficiently by letting the Repricer do the work for you. This automated-pricing tool helps you stay ahead of the competition in a world where online prices are constantly changing. When you enable the Repricer, you no longer have to worry about checking and manually updating all the prices for your items—just enable the tool for the SKUs of your choosing (and disable it at any time) and you’re all set.

Close the gap between your prices and competitors’ prices to drive more sales

Beat the
Buy Box price

Set your own price minimums for a particular item, and the Repricer will automatically make updates to help you beat the Buy Box price on

Beat or meet
external prices

The Repricer technology not only pays attention to prices—it helps you stay ahead of eCommerce competition elsewhere, too.

the process

Utilize this free tool to manage your catalog more efficiently with real-time market insights and automated repricing.

Choose one of two strategies that fits your business needs:

Strategy 1

Beat/ Meet External Price

Stand out from the competition by beating or meeting prices on other eCommerce platforms

Strategy 2

Beat Buy Box Price

The Repricer will automatically make updates to help you beat the Buy Box price on

How it works

Create a pricing strategy for your items in 4 easy steps:*

  1. Visit the Repricer dashboard in Seller Center and accept the Terms & Conditions.
  2. Consider the two available strategies and edit parameters if needed.
  3. Assign items to a strategy using the bulk spec sheet.
  4. Review the repricing actions being taken on your items in the Manage Items dashboard and Item Report.

Frequently Asked Questions

Items that already have site traffic and competition either on or other websites benefit most from automated repricing.

The pricing speed varies depending on the repricing strategy you chose and the site traffic of an item. For example:

  • Beat Buy Box Strategy
    We reprice immediately after internal price change signals to the winning Buy Box offer. Note that the repricing action can trigger immediately but may take up to four hours to reflect on the site.
  • Beat or Meet External Strategy
    We compare external site prices that customers cross-reference when making purchases. If an item is in high demand, we compare data at a higher frequency for faster repricing.

If the competing price for either the Beat Buy Box or Meet or Beat External Price strategies is lower than your floor price, the Repricer will update your price to the floor price.

Example: if one of your items on the Meet or Beat External Price strategy has a floor price of $10.00 with a Beat By value of $0.50, but the external site price is at $9.00, your price will change to $10.00 and not any lower.

Although pricing is one of the key factors that help determine a Buy Box winner, Walmart analyzes all attributes of your item listing, in addition to inventory and pricing, when determining the Buy Box winner. It is possible that the lowest-priced offer does not win the Buy Box every time.