In today’s eCommerce landscape, pricing plays a crucial role in the success of Marketplace sellers. With the ever-evolving range of products available to customers, it can be a major time commitment to monitor and adjust pricing. This is where the Walmart Repricer comes in—a powerful tool that helps simplify the pricing process and maximizes profits.

In this case study, we will take a look at how Walmart Marketplace seller, Discount Tech, has leveraged Repricer to optimize their pricing strategy and gain a competitive edge.

With Repricer, Marketplace sellers can see...

Up to


Buy Box Win Rate increase

Up to


GMV increase

Source: Walmart first-party data, based on sellers using Repricer from October, 2022—May, 2023

Walmart Marketplace has been a game changer for Discount Tech. In fact, it has been our highest-performing marketplace to date. With more freedom and less bureaucratic hurdles than other channels, we have been able to focus on growing our business and serving our customers. Although competition can get fierce when one item gets hot, Walmart Marketplace protects sellers and provides the volume, traffic and tools like Repricer needed to succeed.

Miguel Ramos

Ecommerce Associate
Haifa Wholesale


As one of our trusted third-party sellers, Discount Tech has become a reliable source for top-quality electronics. Video game consoles, laptops, and refurbished products are some of the most popular among Walmart customers. Over the last 10 years, they have taken great care to deliver a positive customer experience, including offering competitive prices across their catalog. Discount Tech sells in an intensely competitive category where products often have multiple offers from sellers competing for the Buy Box. That’s why they turned to Repricer to help them automate their pricing, turn over their inventory faster and keep offers competitive.


Increase the Buy Box win rate to maximize sales
Increase inventory turnaround
Automate pricing strategy to help beat competition as market prices fluctuate


Discount Tech’s category is highly competitive on with multiple sellers trying to win the Buy Box. Before using Repricer, Discount Tech had to manually track, compare and adjust their prices to have a chance at winning the Buy Box.

Due to the size of Discount Tech’s catalog, they needed to ensure items were selling at an acceptable rate to maximize their inventory turnaround.

Finally, before using Repricer, changing prices across their catalog was an inefficient process. Oftentimes, once prices were updated, they would need updating again shortly after. This was made more challenging by the high levels of competition. So, streamlining their pricing strategy and gaining more traction was a top priority.


With the power of Repricer, Discount Tech…

  • Set up the Buy Box Price strategy. This Repricer strategy automatically makes price adjustments to respond to changes in competitor’s prices within their chosen price minimum and maximum.
  • Used data from the Buy Box report to analyze Buy Box winning prices to establish their minimum prices for items added to Repricer.
  • Enrolled most of their items in WFS which helped their offers be even more competitive.


  • 2X Buy Box Win Rate within two weeks of using Repricer
  • 4X overall sales due to improved Buy Box Win Rate
Source: Walmart first-party data, Compared aggregate Repricer item performance 10 days before vs. 10 days after Repricer item activation, between September 2022 to February 2023.

If you’re looking to manage your pricing strategies for your products on, the Repricer is a useful tool to consider. Don’t be intimidated—give it a try. Even if you’re not using Repricer for all of your products, you can start with those where price fluctuates the most. Just keep in mind that the Repricer does what you tell it to, so be thoughtful about the information you input.

Miguel Ramos

Ecommerce Associate
Haifa Wholesale

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