Pro Seller Program

Pro Seller Program

Earn a mark of excellence, savings opportunities, and more reserved for top performers.

Use this link to visit the Listing Quality & Rewards page in Seller Center and view your status.

Unlock your Marketplace potential as a Pro Seller

Boost visibility

Offers with Pro Seller status earn more prominent placements in search results and stand out among competing listings.

Build trust

The badge lets customers know you consistently provide a great shopping experience.

Drive conversion

Verified credibility makes it easier for you to turn clicks into sales.

Use this link to visit the Listing Quality & Rewards page in Seller Center and view your status.

Pro Seller Badge criteria

View your status in the Listing Quality Dashboard in Seller Center.

  • Seller-Accountable On-Time Delivery: ≥95% in the last 90 days*
  • Seller-Accountable Cancellations: ≤1.5% in the last 90 days*
  • Seller Response Rate: ≥95% in the last 30 days*
  • Actual vs. Promised Delivery: ≤2 calendar days difference*
  • Weekend Delivery: Saturday and/or Sunday delivery enabled*
  • Lag Time: ≤1 business day lag time on entire catalog*
  • Orders: more than 250 in the last 90 days
  • Seller is active for at least 90 days
  • No violations of Trust & Safety or Performance Standards

*WFS helps you meet this requirement

Pro tip

Accelerate your path to Pro Seller by shipping with Walmart Fulfillment Services (WFS). Use WFS to get reliable, cost-effective shipping at scale.

Pro Listing criteria

Once you’ve obtained the Pro Seller Badge, offers become Pro Listing eligible when the criteria below are met.

  • Competitive price
  • Fast shipping in 3 days or less*

Criteria can be monitored in the Listing Quality Dashboard. Sellers must consistently comply with Walmart Marketplace policies.

*WFS helps you meet this requirement

Get additional rewards with the Pro Listing Savings program

Pro Seller Badge

Get a 5% referral fee discount on seller-fulfilled orders just by having a Pro Seller Badge.

Pro Listings

Enjoy a 10% referral fee discount on Pro Listings that meet fast and free shipping and competitive price requirements.

These incentives stack so you could

save a total of 15% on referral fees.*

*Conditions apply.

Learn how

Visit Seller Academy

Find out how you can increase your chances of earning the Pro Seller Badge, check your status, and improve specific metrics.

Find even more information and answers to frequently asked questions in Seller Help and on the Sell Better Blog.

*Walmart reserves the right to change the program at any moment without notice.

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