Smart Tags

Smart Tags
for Expedited Shipping

Boost sales and item visibility with fast delivery tags applied by machine learning

Our machine learning algorithm figures out which of your products can best take advantage of expedited shipping

You already know the advantages that fast delivery tags bring to the table: increased Buy Box prominence, better product visibility, and a boost in customer conversion. Now, with Smart Tags, you can improve your sales even more by having machine learning do the work for you. The Smart Tags system is integrated deeply within Walmart Marketplace and knows how expedited shipping would work best for you and your catalog. Then it’ll attach a fast delivery tag to each item that qualifies, with a 95% or better success rate. You won’t be liable for the fulfillment accuracy of any item marked by Smart Tags, so your performance metrics wont be impacted, when applicable. Just ensure you ship orders on time based on the promised shipped by date.

Machine Managed Expedited Shipping

Smart Tags fully manages your expedited shipping offerings. It routinely examines, identifies, adds and removes fast delivery tags, like 2-day and 3-day, for your listings—all in the background.

No Extra Cost for You

You won’t need to pay anything extra for faster shipping on items marked by Smart Tags, or for the machine learning managed service itself.

Increased Visibility

Enjoy all of the advantages of Walmart’s expedited shipping offerings like Walmart TwoDay with better conversion, boosted sales, filter inclusion, Buy Box prominence, and more with no extra time spent on your end.

Request Access to Smart Tags

Let us know you want Smart Tags to manage your fast delivery tags by signing up today.

Use our ground-breaking algorithm to manage your fast delivery tags

The Smart Tags machine learning algorithm has been extensively trained by sifting through millions of Walmart Marketplace transactions, looking at the sales process from the initial purchase to fulfillment and delivery. The system looks at geography, region-to-region shipping, availability of inventory and various expedited shipping options. Then it looks at each item in your catalog to see if it’ll match an appropriate fast-delivery promise and if it thinks it can then it’ll automatically add a fast delivery tag to the item. Because Smart Tags manages your expedited shipping catalog, it can also remove fast delivery tags from items that won’t meet the fulfillment criteria.


Sign up today and request access to join our Smart Tags machine learning program in just a few easy steps.

  1. Request access in Seller Center. Note that you must agree to an addendum Retailer Authorization: Managed Services Smart Tags for Expedited Shipping Programs
  2. Check your email to see that we have granted you access to Smart Tags.

Frequently Asked Questions

We look at certain seller metrics before we grant access to Smart Tags.

As a Walmart Marketplace seller, you are in full control of your business as per our Retailer Agreement. However, to allow Walmart to manage expedited shipping on your behalf, we ask you to agree to terms and conditions of an addendum to the original Retailer Agreement called Retailer Authorization: Managed Services Smart Tags for Expedited Shipping Programs so that we can offer you the Smart Tags managed service.

Once you submit your application we will activate Smart Tags for your account shortly thereafter. Then you’ll be able to check in Seller Center for your expedited shipping performance.

You’ll be able to check into Seller Center and view your expedited shipping performance. You should be seeing a lot more listings for services like Walmart TwoDay and ThreeDay.

Sellers currently enrolled in the Smart Tags program do not need to meet Walmart TwoDay performance metrics.

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