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Official holiday shipping cutoff dates for major carriers

As you’re preparing for the busiest month of the year, we’re here to help ensure your holiday orders arrive ahead of time for your customers with a handy chart featuring all the official holiday shipping cutoff dates for major carriers.

Use the chart to find the dates to ship items, by service type, to ensure delivery before 12/25.

If you’re curious about other specifications for each carrier, you can reference these resources on their website:


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Last-minute holiday reminders

We’re in the final stretch of the holiday shopping season and since it’s not over just yet, there are a few key things to keep in mind. For example, if you experience unusual throttling errors, wait at least 90 minutes before re-submitting requests and monitor the API status page for live updates.

Most importantly, keep your customers happy this holiday season by ensuring your products are always available. Don’t risk losing out on sales by manually checking the status of your items. Subscribe to push notifications, so you receive immediate alerts when inventory is out of stock, or when an item becomes unpublished.


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Provide a seamless refund experience for customers this holiday season

Even though some gifts may not always be the perfect fit, you can still help keep customers happy by providing a seamless refund experience. For example, when handling refunds using the Refund Order Lines API, be sure to input the tax dollar amount to fully refund the customer. If you leave the tax amount empty, or with a zero value, the customer will not receive a full refund. Ensure a great customer experience this holiday and get a refresher on how to properly fetch the API below.


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Adjust fulfillment settings for non-working holidays

Don’t forget to customize your fulfillment settings to indicate non-working days when your facility is closed this holiday—like Christmas or New Year’s Day. Use the Calendar Day API to configure fulfillment schedules and update shipping cutoff times if needed.

Waiting until the last-minute to update your fulfillment settings means risking shipping delays and having unhappy customers.

For more information, read our detailed Fulfillment Center Settings guide and API reference.


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New Sell Better blog post! The Ultimate Guide to Item Setup on Walmart Marketplace

As you’re aware, Marketplace sellers and suppliers can leverage the API integration process through Walmart. Through the Marketplace API, you can manage items, orders, prices, inventory, and more.

But in case you need a refresher on all item setup options, check out our latest Sell Better Blog post to review the comprehensive suite of tools we provide to help support your business.


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