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Insights from the Walmart Marketplace Playbook for Sellers

Have you checked out the 2023 Playbook yet? At Walmart, we’re committed to finding innovative ways of helping you grow and scale on our platform. That’s why last year, we rolled out new programs and optimized existing ones to help our sellers and customers alike. Some of the new features and products we launched to help you become more efficient and reduce costs in 2023 include the Online Fee Calculator, Repricer, and Variant Bidding, all of which you can learn about in the Playbook. There’s also an array of helpful case studies that walk you through top-selling categories throughout 2022, plus new tools and tips that educate you on how to keep your customers happy as you continue your journey on Marketplace. To learn about our most recent enhancements and milestones, tried-and-true success strategies, or how you can get started with Walmart in 2023, download the Playbook for free.


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NEW: Take advantage of dynamic promotional pricing thanks to the Repricer!

It’s now easier than ever for your business to get ahead of the competition—and stay there—with dynamic promotional pricing, thanks to Walmart Marketplace’s Repricer. Here’s how it works:


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Set up promotional pricing. Add or update List Price* individually or in bulk using Item Maintenance Spec. Use Repricer to enable automatic price adjustments for eligible items.

Learn how

Update list price

Reprice promo items


*strike-through pricing by keeping the List Price up to date.

Sell smarter with the Assortment Growth Dashboard

The Assortment Growth Dashboard gives you an array of next-generation tools to help grow your business on Walmart Marketplace. Personalized recommendations and insights keep you aware of market trends and help take the guesswork out of selling, while customer demand signals and category data recommend best-selling items to add to your catalog. When engaging with the dashboard, you’ll get tips on how to win the Buy Box, and recommendations to help lift your business potential on Marketplace. Keep your inventory organized and gain the edge over the competition with the Assortment Growth Dashboard.


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A Walmart Marketplace Connect success story

Recently, a seller with a diverse inventory in the automotive category wanted to boost sales and turned to Walmart Connect for assistance. After an analysis, we optimized their product listings to improve relevancy, prioritized their best-selling products, and restructured multiple ads into a single campaign that encouraged a return to profitability. The “crawl, walk, run” style campaign returned such incredible results for the automotive seller that they saw a 66% growth in units sold. Learn more about this success story and how to partner with Walmart Connect.


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Save time with eDesk, an AI-powered customer support software

Everyone knows strong and efficient customer service is a key part of a successful business. eDesk, an AI-powered customer support software, built for eCommerce, centralizes your messaging across multiple selling channels and integrates directly with Walmart. Learn more about how to save time with personalized, one-click response templates, automated inbox organization, and other tools that will give you time to focus on the things that matter most for your business.


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Get real-time reports of your inventory with the On-Request Reports API

Say goodbye to days-old, prescheduled reports, and help ensure you never miss a beat with your business inventory again. With On-Request, you get near real-time insights on your entire inventory across all of your fulfillment centers with the click of a button. This includes CPA (competitive price adjustment), shipping configuration, shipping programs, as well as return item overrides. Plus, the generated reports are retained for a 30 day period.


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Submit your items to our splashy summer campaigns

The summer season is almost here, which means it’s time to update your items and submit them to our highly trafficked summer campaigns. Campaign Dashboard sellers, be sure to adjust your promo pricing so it’s ready to go before you submit. Remember to offer your customers at least a 10% discount on your products to display strike-through pricing. Non-CMD sellers, you can also take advantage of summer campaigns by adjusting your prices and making them more attractive to customers. Learn more about promo pricing with this how-to video.


Campaign Name Event Start Date Event End Date
Home Improvement + Kitchen Refresh 5/18 6/2
Tech 4 Grads & Dads 5/25 6/1
Family Swim 5/25 6/9
Wedding Event 6/1 6/9
Outdoor Fun & Play 6/8 6/23
Small Patio & Balcony Essentials 6/8 6/23
Christmas in July “MP” Exclusive 6/29 7/28
Back to School + College/Dorm Room Essentials 6/29 7/21
Great Trucking Deals 6/29 7/14
Cool Your Home 7/13 7/21


*Dates are subject to change


Campaign list


Policies & Guidelines

Return exemptions for freight and hazmat products

Seller Reminder: Products in the freight or hazmat category require return exemptions. These exemptions should be requested for any item that is not returnable via FedEx Groundand require you to work directly with your customer. Don’t forget, you can apply a fee of up to 20% of the item price for returns that are not in their original or sellable condition. More info available here.

An important reminder regarding labor exploitation

Seller Reminder: Under your Retailer Agreement with Walmart Marketplace, you are responsible for compliance with all laws applicable to your business. As a Walmart Marketplace Seller, you have a responsibility to be compliant with all child labor and work authorization requirements throughout your US manufacturing supply chain and beyond. This includes responsibility for your conduct as a seller on Walmart Marketplace and for any subcontractors and agents your business uses for your Walmart business—including temporary staffing agencies.

Our Policies and Guidelines make clear that people should not be exploited through employment and specifically prohibit forced, involuntary, and underage labor. We expect you to be aware of indicators of these prohibited forms of labor, to have systems in place to confirm work authorization and monitor for the exploitation of vulnerable populations such as migrants, women, and young people.

Violations may lead to consequences up to and including reduction of business or termination of your business relationship with Walmart. A copy of Walmart’s Global Forced Labor Prevention policy can be found at Walmart Policies and Guidelines.

Security & Privacy

Walmart protects your security and privacy. We will never ask for personal information (such as passwords or credit card numbers) in an email. If you receive such a request, please do not respond to the email.

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