Now that you’ve completed onboarding, your Marketplace seller journey has officially begun! It’s time to choose your integration method, so you can start adding items to sell on

At Walmart Marketplace, we offer three seamless options to pick from. Here’s an overview so you can find the best fit for your business.


  • Update your account and notifications settings
  • Set up your catalog and manage your items, orders, pricing, inventory, fulfillment, returns, and customer service
  • Take advantage of Walmart’s tools for advertising and sales optimization
  • View reports and analyze catalog performance

…and much more!


Recommended if...

  • You prefer to run your business hands-on, using our free native platform for Marketplace sellers
  • is your first or only eCommerce platform

Allows you to...

Directly add and manage items yourself


Recommended if...

  • You have an in-house development team and want to publish a large catalog of items 

Allows you to...

Access a comprehensive suite of Marketplace API tools and documentation: 

  • API Status Checker to verify all API statuses 
  • Try It Out to test API calls in the browser 
  • API Sandbox to test APIs on the backend 
  • API Documentation
    for how-to guides, reference, and FAQ 

Next steps

Generate a Client ID and a Client Secret in Developer Portal


Recommended if...

  • You wish to manage your catalog with the help of specialized third-party services 
  • You are selling items across multiple platforms 

Allows you to...

  • Fully integrate with a single provider 


  • Utilize multiple providers for custom support tailored to your specific needs 

Next steps

Add and update your Solution Provider via 1 of 2 platforms, based on your needs:

Once you’ve decided which integration method is best for your business, you can start setting up items, get them live, and let the sales begin.

So, what are you waiting for?
Take your pick, integrate today, and start selling!

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