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  • Item Setup and Management
  • Inventory Management and Sync
  • Order Management and Fulfillment
  • Returns and refund Management
  • 24/7 Support Available

Digital Product Labs is the Shopify-Walmart Integration and Sync solution provider that helps sellers easily integrate and sync their Walmart store with Shopify.

Shopify Walmart Integration & Sync streamlines the management of your Walmart store directly from your familiar Shopify platform. This integration facilitates bulk product transfers between your stores, minimizing manual work and potential errors.

Inventory levels are automatically synced across both platforms, preventing overselling. Centralized order fulfillment allows you to manage Walmart orders directly from your Shopify dashboard, including acknowledging them, fulfilling them completely or partially, and handling returns and refunds.

The app provides error messages for product transfer or sync issues, allowing quick troubleshooting. On top of that, 24/7 expert support through live chat, tickets, and calls ensures uninterrupted selling on Walmart.

With all these features working together, Shopify Walmart Integration & Sync ensures a smooth and efficient sales experience on both Walmart and Shopify.

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