Walmart Fulfillment Services Pricing

Walmart Fulfillment Services Pricing

Grow your sales with a low-cost fulfillment solution

Walmart Fulfillment Services (WFS) is a cost-effective solution for eCommerce sellers needing end-to-end fulfillment. Ship and store any amount of inventory you choose, without minimums or maximums.


Estimate your WFS fees

Quickly estimate fulfillment and storage fees for any given product using the WFS Calculator. Enter the weight and dimensions of your product along with any additional applicable product details.*

*The fees are subject to change and based on the information that you enter at that time. Additional fees may apply for apparel, hazmat, oversized items, prep services, and items priced under $10. Visit the WFS Fees article in Seller Help for a complete list of WFS fees and services.

Have more questions? Refer to our user guide here.


Save on fulfillment with simple pricing and no hidden fees.

Fulfillment fee based on item weight

For units that weigh less than 1 lb., use the unit weight to determine the fee. If your unit weight is over 1 lb., use the unit weight or dimensional weight, whichever is greater. The dimensional weight is equal to the unit volume in inches (length x width x height) divided by 139.

Shipping weight Fee
1 lb. $3.45
2 lb. $4.95
3 lb. $5.45
4 lb.-20 lb. $5.75 plus $0.40 for each lb. > 4 lb.
21–30 lb. $15.55 plus $0.40 for each lb. > 21 lb.
31–50 lb.* $14.55 plus $0.40 for each lb. > 31 lb.
51–150 lb.* $17.55 plus $0.40 for each lb. > 51 lb.

*Heavier items have a lower fulfillment fee because they’re shipped using only ground transportation and may require more than two days for delivery.

Add 0.25 lb. for packaging materials to calculate the final shipping weight. Round up to the nearest pound. Add $0.50 for apparel and hazmat items.

Oversize items

Add the following fees to the base fulfillment fee.

Dimensions Fee
Maximum side > 48″ OR
Median side > 30″ OR
Length + girth* > 105″
Add $3.00
Maximum side > 96″
OR Length + girth* > 130″
Add $25.00
If the longest side of your item exceeds 96″ or if the length + girth exceeds 130″, the shipping weight starts at 90 lb.

*Note: Girth = 2*(width + height).

Fixed monthly storage fee*

The storage fee is the cost of storing your items at a Walmart fulfillment center. It’s based on the volume of the product being stored and the length of time. Unit cubic feet is equal to the unit volume in inches (length x width x height) divided by 1,728.

Length of time Fee
January–September $0.75 per cubic foot per month
(peak season)
$0.75 per cubic foot per month for items stored for fewer than or up to 30 days. Add $1.50 per cubic foot per month for items stored for more than 30 days.
>12 months $7.50 per cubic foot per month

*Price is based on a 30-day calendar month.

Be the next success story

Products that meet the following requirements are perfect for WFS.

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  • Non-perishable / Non-regulated
  • Up to 150 lb
  • Up to 108” in length
  • Up to 165” in length + girth

*Before you can get started with WFS, you must be a Walmart Marketplace seller. When you’re approved and live on Marketplace, log into the seller portal and begin using WFS. Must be capable of shipping to Walmart Fulfillment centers within the contiguous U.S.