What do most Walmart customers have in common? Whether it’s ordering party supplies or buying groceries for pickup, they rely on reviews before committing to the purchase. According to Shopify, 90% of online customers actively seek out reviews pre-purchase. In fact, 94% of shoppers say ratings and reviews are the top factor in their decision to buy a product—even beating the 91% who say price. What’s more, products with up to 10 reviews are 52.2% more likely to convert than those without reviews.

With different types of reviews available, Walmart Marketplace provides a transparent shopping experience for both you and customers. Read on to find out how you can take advantage of our review programs to boost your business and drive engagement!


In a way, ratings and reviews serve as a bridge between you and customers:

Sellers like you can better understand customer needs, gain credibility and drive sales.

Did you know?

Meanwhile, customers can make more informed purchase decisions, offer feedback about their experience and provide ideas for improving a product.

Did you know?


On Walmart.com, you’ll find different types of reviews:

Native reviews

left by customers directly on the platform

Syndicated reviews

shared from other websites to Walmart.com

Incentivized reviews

given in exchange for compensation

Constant online demand for best-selling items makes it crucial to have high-quality reviews on Walmart.com. This way, you can benefit from a boost in engagement and improved SEO rankings across your catalog.

Read on to discover how you can increase the number of native, syndicated and incentivized reviews for your items.


1  Increase your number of native reviews by focusing on the customer experience

Once a customer posts a review on Walmart.com, it becomes a native review. Since native reviews are from verified users and indicate actual post-purchase experiences, they help build customer trust and your credibility.

Producing optimized listings and enhancing your Listing Quality Score helps drive conversion. But ultimately, creating a positive shopping experience on Walmart Marketplace makes customers feel confident about making a purchase, thus increasing their likelihood of posting native reviews.

Here’s how you can appeal to your customer base, so their purchase experience is as pleasant and seamless as possible:

  • Provide excellent customer service by responding within 48 hours (including weekends!).
    Tip: Monitor the Message Center frequently and use pre-written templates to save time.
  • Keep your contact information up to date in Seller Center so customers and Walmart can reach you when needed.
  • Ensure all customer inquiries reach you by checking your spam folder and whitelisting Walmart addresses.
  • Follow Walmart’s packaging rules and ship the same business day with valid tracking.
  • Take advantage of Walmart Fulfillment Services (WFS), our end-to-end fulfillment solution that can efficiently take care of your shipping, fulfillment and customer service needs.

Refer to our Customer Care Policy for additional guidelines.

2  Link your website’s reviews to Walmart.com via review syndication

Through review syndication, you can share organic customer reviews from your own website with Walmart Marketplace. There are plenty of options available.

Sign up for Walmart Marketplace’s own review syndication service:

Review syndication program



Eligibility requirements

You must own your reviews

Not currently use other syndication services

Or, you can use one of our third-party solution providers:

3  Incentivize customers to leave reviews via the Review Accelerator

Customers tend to write product reviews after being incentivized or having a positive or negative experience with the product. This is where the Review Accelerator comes in handy.

When you join the Review Accelerator, Walmart.com customers are encouraged to share their honest feedback after buying an item that is enrolled in the program. In exchange, they receive a digital reward that can be used toward their next purchase on Walmart Marketplace.

Here’s how the program works:

  • Enroll your eligible items.
  • Once verified, the customer is asked to review enrolled items a week post-purchase.
  • The review is moderated for approval and badged as an “Incentivized Review”.
  • The customer receives a promo code for a future purchase.
  • Among eligible items to enroll in the program, items with high sales, conversion rates, seasonal relevance and with few or no reviews are recommended first.
  • Once an enrolled item reaches its target number of reviews, each customer is paid $10 per review to leave their honest feedback on Walmart.com.
  • The result? More items in your catalog have reviews, and the review volume per item goes up.

Whether you boost your listing quality to attract more native reviews, syndicate reviews from your website to Walmart.com or populate your product page with incentivized reviews, one thing is clear:

More high-quality, recent reviews from verified users help drive conversion and sales. Rev up your business with our review programs today!

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