ThreeDay Delivery

Free ThreeDay Delivery
for Marketplace

Give yourself more flexibility in offering fast delivery nationwide – and no enrollment needed!

Use this link to visit the Shipping page in Seller Center and click on the ThreeDay tab.

Offer free ThreeDay Delivery and increase your sales with no extra work needed

Unlike Walmart TwoDay, you won’t need to request access to the ThreeDay program and keep up certain performance metrics to stay in it. Walmart ThreeDay is available for all sellers—you’ll just need to create Shipping Templates to get going and reap the benefits. On average, sellers see a 30% organic lift in conversion for items with a 3-day delivery promise.

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Buy Box Prominence

Increase your Buy Box wins and amplify your conversion rates at no extra cost.

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Easy Setup

Spend less time configuring your settings thanks to Shipping Templates and more time selling your assortment.

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Improved Item Visibility

Promising fast delivery improves your overall listing quality score.
Learn more by visiting our Listing Quality page.

Unleash your potential with fast shipping

Updated tools make it easier than ever for you to get started. So, head to Seller Center and get started today.

Use this link to visit the Shipping page in Seller Center and click on the ThreeDay tab.

If you are already delivering orders in three days or less, you can still take advantage of adding Walmart ThreeDay to your listings. You can see which items can benefit from ThreeDay immediately by going to Seller Center, choosing Analytics & Reports, then Performance and the Fulfillment tab, and finally selecting Carrier Performance.

Setting up ThreeDay Delivery is easy with Shipping Templates. Get started.

Note: “Standard” shipping in Shipping Templates can mean 3, 4, or 5 days. Choose 3 days when configuring your ThreeDay template.

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