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PowerReviews ( is the ratings and reviews specialist doing more with UGC to grow your business.

We enable you to collect and share more and better user-generated content, display it for maximum conversion impact and analyze it to benchmark and improve product experiences.

Review Syndication
Leverage our premium syndication services to syndicate ratings and reviews to a comprehensive syndication retailer network (including – of course – Walmart).

Collect More and Better Reviews
PowerReviews collects reviews that consumers actually want to read in the largest volumes.

Build the best UGC displays for your business from more than 3,000 options – backed by critical display performance analytics data highlighting what actually drives conversions.

Insights and Analytics
Analyze review content to gain deep market and product intelligence while optimizing your UGC program.

Our average 85% review submission rates drive maximum efficiencies and optimal review generation results.

Receipt. Review. Collect.
Collect authentic Verified Reviews at scale faster and easier than ever by tapping into a premium consumer database of online and in-store purchases across millions of members.

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