Boxed, Shipped & Delivered: Top Shipping Solutions for Your Business

Pack, ship, deliver, repeat. Fast, reliable shipping is one of the keys to making your eCommerce business truly stand out. From improving traffic and conversion with 2-day shipping tags to winning the Buy Box on, a dependable delivery promise ultimately delights customers.

Today, Walmart continues to provide innovative solutions to simplify your fulfillment operations and optimize your shipping strategy based on your unique business needs. The result: You can grow sales, attract and build trust with shoppers, meet their expectations, and gain a competitive edge.

Get an overview of Walmart’s shipping solutions below and find the ones that best maximize your chances of driving sales and winning over shoppers!

Prefer not to handle fulfillment yourself?

Leverage Walmart to do it for you.

Walmart Fulfillment Services (WFS)

Lean on the power of our world-class supply chain.

Let us store, pick, pack, and ship orders for you. By joining Walmart Fulfillment Services (WFS), our cost-effective fulfillment program, you can:

  • Ship and store any amount of inventory—with no minimums or maximums
  • Gain customer trust and better product visibility with Fulfilled by Walmart and 2-day shipping tags
  • Take advantage of seamless customer service, replacements, and returns
  • Earn higher search rankings and Buy Box wins:
    Key items fulfilled by WFS see a 50% increase in sales, on average*

Get a quick estimate of your fees with the WFS calculator!

Pro tips

*Source: Marketplace first-party data, February 2022–January 2023.

Ready to fulfill your own orders?

Ship it your way with seller-fulfilled solutions:

Ship with Walmart

Save time & cut costs in managing order fulfillment.

With Ship with Walmart, you can:

  • Purchase discounted FedEx or USPS shipping labels*
  • Estimate shipping costs based on package weights/dimensions
  • Compare carrier services

…All within one platform: Seller Center!

Follow these simple steps to take advantage of more cost-effective shipping labels.

Pro tips

  • Check the accuracy of your package weights/dimensions.
  • Ship orders on time!
  • Buy labels in bulk.
  • Save as “Default” to preset your item shipping preference.

*Final shipping label cost will depend on item’s weight and dimensions. Ship with Walmart does not guarantee or imply any anticipated cost savings.

TwoDay Expedited Delivery

Boost product visibility & conversion with free 2-day shipping.


of Marketplace orders are delivered in 3 days or less, but did you know that only 30% are listed with expedited shipping options?*
You could be missing an opportunity to qualify for TwoDay Delivery and earn that trusted tag on!

When you list items with Walmart’s free TwoDay expedited delivery:

  • Customers are guaranteed free delivery within 2 business days on participating Marketplace products—without membership fees or minimum orders
  • Eligible items are displayed with TwoDay Delivery tags, which help increase visibility, leading to more traffic and driving sales
  • Products with 2- and 3-day delivery options see a 30–50% lift in conversion, on average, on*

Do you qualify for the TwoDay Delivery tag? Find out here.
Then, to ship orders yourself, request access to set up TwoDay Delivery in Seller Center.

Pro tips

  • Check your estimated ship date: Expedited orders must have 0-day lag time!
  • If you can’t ship TwoDay nationwide, consider expedited regional delivery options.
  • Review your shipping performance to make sure your Shipping Templates match your delivery history.
  • Enroll in Weekend Delivery to ensure your delivery promise if you ship through FedEx, UPS, or USPS.

*Source: Marketplace first-party data, February–April 2023.

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