The goal of the Listing Quality Dashboard in Seller Center was meant to empower you as a seller to not only see how you can optimize your listings more effectively but provide you with the ability to do so quickly and efficiently. The easy-to-use Dashboard lets you discover your Listing Quality Score, how to make impactful improvements, and gives you all the factors that drive a successful, optimized listing.

By now you may have already heard about this tool, but this time we wanted to illustrate the effectiveness of Listing Quality with real examples. Many sellers are now using this free tool to drive sales to grow their business. Read on to see and hear more from five of our Marketplace sellers sharing their success—success that can be yours, too.

A unique approach to listing quality

There are multiple third-party software solutions that help sellers measure the quality of their listings’ content and provide suggestions for improvements. However, when we started working on the Listing Quality Dashboard, from the very beginning we decided to take a more universal, holistic approach to listing quality that takes into consideration every aspect of a customer’s experience instead of just focusing on content. Our unique multi-factor approach provides a deeper look at your listings’ content, inventory levels, shipping options, post-purchase experience, and more! All of these factors come together to form a single universal number: the Listing Quality Score (or LQ Score).

As many sellers start leveraging Listing Quality Dashboard insights, its benefits become more evident. A good example of how you can improve an item’s Listing Quality Score and win more sales comes from Mercier International, which makes and distributes many goods for homes, especially for kitchen use. After optimizing their listing for the 5-Piece Airtight Food Storage Container pack, they boosted its LQ Score nearly eight-fold by putting in descriptive elements, providing multiple attributes and images, offering Walmart TwoDay expedited shipping, and keeping great inventory levels.

The result? This one item alone received 765% more pageviews with a 1,302% boost in sales, all by using the Listing Quality Dashboard to find out where to maximize the item’s potential and then acting on those recommendations.

As a company that has been in the eCommerce business for many years Mercier found using the Listing Quality Dashboard a superior solution to listing optimization:

Walmart’s listing quality dashboard is a genius solution to this problem,” said Araz Sarchami from Mercier. “It helps sellers like us to navigate the complex maze of listing optimization to ensure better exposure to the customers, showing them the necessary information in the best possible format. Since using the platform we have been able to optimize our listings with to-the-point guidance and see immediate and significant increase both in our listing exposure and sales. This shows how Walmart cares about their sellers, which is very heartwarming and assuring especially in an environment that we do not see much from other marketplaces.”

Use effective category-specific insights to improve your score

Another unique aspect to note about the LQ Score is that it is specifically tailored by what matters most to a customer for that item’s category. At Walmart, our extensive research shows that depending on customers’ shopping intent, different listings’ components come into play to influence the purchase decision. So, different product categories have differently weighed factors, and it all comes together to deliver a score to measure the effectiveness of your listing in that particular category, which can be anything from housewares to clothes to office supplies and more. We also see that an improved LQ Score drives more pageviews and sales across various categories.

For instance, Mega Casa Inc. recently optimized the listings for its Innovaze line of fingerprint-free brushed stainless-steel trashcans. Several of these optimized listings saw an increase in views of these trashcans of well over a thousand percent and a marked increase in sales.

Then there’s 5R Products, a maker of large-scale TV and monitor stands. After optimizing the listing score for their Modern Mobile TV Rolling TV Stand by 28 points they saw a noticeable pop of 1,300% in order volume. Another listing, the Modern Rolling TV Stand Computer Cart, had an LQ Score improved by 43 points and saw a 150% increase in order volume. 5RCom was able to do this simply by making sure their listings had descriptive content, appropriate attributes and good product imagery.

Optimization creates fast sales growth

We’re seeing a bit of a trend here. Interestingly these listings we’ve looked at have been geared towards home offices and stay-at-home families focusing on the domestic life. While listing optimization works well across all types of listings, this trend shows that optimized listings in high demand may exponentially fuel your seller growth. And you can see the results of listing optimization almost immediately!

Let’s take a look at Big Red House, who primarily sells oven mitts and potholders including a pair of mitts naturally called the Big Red House Oven Mitt, featuring a variety of colors: red, black, gray, and so forth.

In just two weeks after Big Red House optimized their listings on, improving their average LQ score from 17 to 78, they saw some very noticeable changes by offering TwoDay shipping, a number of color variations, and featuring a quality product with great reviews:

The Royal Blue version saw 78% more sales, the Black version of the same oven mitt saw 59% more sales

Big Red House loved being able to know exactly what they needed to do to optimize their listings.

“I used the Listing Quality Dashboard to quickly identify missed opportunities and shortcomings in my product listings,” said Andrew Pancer from Big Red House. “The tool provided a great roadmap for me to make these improvements and the results have been significant.”

Another company, Lux Modern Inc., used the Listing Quality Dashboard to see some sales improvement with their office chairs. They added a number of positive additions to their title, description, and key features to their Mid Back Gold Office Chair in White Leather, riding a nice boost in their LQ Score to the tune of a 239% increase in sales and 214% increase in order volume.

A similar item in Blue Leather, which had a higher LQ score, saw similar descriptive changes and led to a 600% increase in order volume.

Optimize your Listings with this handy checklist!

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