Sell more by offering free TwoDay delivery

Walmart’s fast shipping program guarantees fast and free shipping to customers—with no membership required.

Your included items are displayed with TwoDay delivery tags that attract attention and drive sales.

All Walmart Marketplace sellers are eligible to participate in the program. Learn how to get started today.

Not selling on Walmart Marketplace?

Unlock your potential with the free TwoDay delivery program

Nearly 40% of all Walmart Marketplace orders are already delivered within 2 days.

When you enable the program, the fast-shipping items you select are given our TwoDay delivery tags that attract attention and drive sales. 


Increased Visibility

Higher search rankings for your listings plus key filter inclusion.


Buy Box Prominence

Increase your buy box wins and conversion rates.


Regional Flexibility

Benefit from delivering in 2 days to the precise areas you can reach with ground shipping.

Enjoy easy setup

Shipping yourself? It’s easy to get started in Seller Center with platform enhancements that let you map and manage your unique operations with quick, automated setup. 

The Free TwoDay Delivery program is available to all Walmart Marketplace sellers with two ways to opt in, depending on how directly you manage fulfillment:

Ship yourself – Manage fulfillment yourself, either nationwide or regionally, from your own warehouses.
Ship third-party – Partner with Deliverr to fulfill on your behalf from their warehouses.

What are the requirements for participating in Walmart Free TwoDay Delivery?

Ship yourself

The seller-managed option is only available to sellers who meet high delivery performance standards along with other criteria. For sellers who’ve made fast shipping a competitive advantage, this option is a great way to increase sales on

Include as much of your catalog as you want and ship only to the precise areas you can reach within 2 days. 

Check your eligibility, including 30-day performance:

  • Sold on Walmart Marketplace seller for at least 90 days or fulfilled 100+ orders
  • On-time shipping & delivery rate: >95%
  • Valid tracking rate: >95%
  • Cancellation rate: <1.5%
  • Offer a generous returns policy

Ship third-party

Sellers who cannot support two-day fulfillment or meet other requirements to ship themselves can still participate in the program by partnering with Deliverr—a fast and affordable multi-channel fulfillment provider.

When you choose our trusted partner Deliverr to fulfill on your behalf, you’ll be approved for the Free 2-Day Shipping program regardless of your performance history.

Currently, there are options that allow you to send all or some of your inventory to Deliverr for fulfillment, but it may depend on your integration method. Contact Deliverr for details.

Product eligibility (Updated!):

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