One of the best ways you can help increase visibility and sales of your products is to target shoppers when they’re actively searching Walmart’s site and app. And running a Walmart Sponsored Products ad campaign can help you do exactly that.

Whether you’re an existing Walmart advertiser or looking to get started today, keep reading to discover the recent enhancements to our ad-serving criteria that will help deliver even more impact to your business and build a better experience for Walmart customers. Plus, learn how to leverage these solutions to help optimize your next Sponsored Products ad campaign and align your strategy with the upcoming holiday season.

What are Walmart Sponsored Products ads?

Sponsored Products ads help Marketplace sellers like you connect with customers faster by highlighting your products on the first page of results during a relevant keyword search, or on item pages with similar or relevant products. And, because the ads are cost-per-click, you only pay when a customer clicks on your ad.

Choose how hands-on you want to be with fully customizable and automated self-serve tools. Advertisers can easily track how their campaigns increase product sales and get a summary of return on ad spend.

Sponsored Products will help you…

  • Elevate brand awareness and engagement
  • Create value for customers by giving them visibility into your product offerings
  • Drive traffic and increase conversions and sales
  • Make fast, impactful decisions based on reliable data

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4 advertising solutions to help fuel the success of your next campaign

1  Help drive conversion with more Search In-grid placements

In case you missed it, we expanded the Sponsored Products inventory for ads to serve in in-grid placements 1, 2, 3, and 4! And, for the rest of the search grid, two ads will continue to show for every 10 results. More opportunities to get your products in front of customers means even more chances to help increase engagement and conversion.

Benefits of Search In-grid placements:

  • Promote relevant products in high-trafficked placements
  • Maintain market share for top-selling products
  • Stand out against competing products in top spots
  • Boost exposure by appearing in sponsored and organic in-grid results

2  Help optimize the discoverability of your ads with search relevancy improvements

Earlier this year, we streamlined our ad-serving criteria to make all qualifying Sponsored Products ads eligible to appear in relevant in-grid results on search and browse pages. Now, ads can qualify based on factors such as the advertised item’s contextual relevancy, customer intent, or the item’s historical performance–but the quality of your ad content is the key to winning at search.

With the holiday season right around the corner, now is the time to start optimizing your ad content to make sure your ads appear in relevant search results during busy shopping periods. Read through our search relevancy best practices guide to get some tips on how to improve your item page content with conversion driving keywords and how to improve your organic search ranking.

3  Reduce your risk of overpaying for cost-per-click bids with advanced second-price auction bids

Our new advanced second-price auction helps level the playing field for advertisers when a customer searches on Walmart’s site or app. In this model, the ad platform runs a real-time auction to determine which ads will appear in search results and placements. The most relevant product and bid wins the auction, and the cost-per-click price is determined after considering the bids of other relevant ads.

So, the winner ends up only paying the amount necessary to win based on competing bids, which may be less than the winner’s maximum bid. Not only does it give you the confidence to bid your best, but it also puts Walmart advertising within reach for budgets of all sizes.

4  Help boost sales for unadvertised products with the new item recommendations tool

Looking to advertise more products in your assortment but not sure which items have the best chance of succeeding? Try our new item recommendations tool that identifies high-quality items in your catalog that are not live in an in-flight campaign but are eligible to be advertised and have a history of performing well on Recommendations are refreshed weekly and can be filtered by brand, category and department.

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