Over the recent years, Walmart.com continues to grow in popularity – both as a shopping destination where customers can find a wide assortment of quality products, and a happening platform for Marketplace sellers where they can expand their presence online and sell with confidence. Joining Walmart Marketplace is a first step in growing your business, next – you should start thinking about growth strategies and ways to make your listings stand out. And as unique as each sales channel can be, so should be your approach to listing and selling products. With data-driven technology like eZoptimizer, you can differentiate your optimization strategy and make listing improvements that matter for your catalog performance on Walmart.com.

If you’re familiar with effective sales techniques, you’ll instantly realize that most eCommerce product pages are lacking something. Typically, a face-to-face sales engagement starts with a description of the product (specifications), as well as some evidence of its worth. Once a customer starts seeing product benefits, a skilled sales representative will then change gears to interrogate the prospect and handle possible objections with the goal to close the deal. In the eCommerce world, your product pages will need to be optimized to masterfully do the same job – attract the customer, answer all the possible questions about the product and be convincing to result in a sale. Sounds easy, but you will need to do some work upfront to understand your possible customers on the platform and optimize your listings accordingly. This will make your products highly visible and searchable to position your business ahead of the competition and help you maximize your sales.

Keyword-rich content aimed at attracting, engaging, and converting visitors is likely to yield a large return on investment long-term. eZdia ran a controlled organic content test on a well-established eCommerce site. During the test around 300 pages were revised with better images and product descriptions and the incremental return on content expenditure (ROCS) was calculated. The results were astounding: for every dollar spent on content optimization, the client is on track to produce an additional $60 in revenue from organic search.

Not sure where to start? If you own the content on your product pages on Walmart.com, eZdia may help you address the crucial product listing optimization challenges and potentially increase sales. With its recently launched one-stop solution – eZoptimizer, you can get access to robust data-driven technology specifically designed to help brands and retailers improve performance and gain a competitive edge on Walmart.com. The data-driven end-to-end SaaS platform, eZoptimizer guides sellers at every step of the way and helps make this process extremely simple, cost-effective, and robust. This self-service technology assists sellers in improving their listings on Walmart.com in 3 simple steps:

  1. Analyze
    eZoptimizer scans your complete product catalog and generates an item analysis report that identifies issues with your product listings and recommends how to resolve them.
  2. Optimize
    After you’ve identified the key problems, you’ll be able to work on them with minimum or no technical skills. Based on the recommendations, you can create, change, and publish enhanced brand content on Walmart.com including relevant keywords infused in the copy itself, self-explanatory images, and enhanced descriptions with bullets. Improved content will help increase the relevancy of your listings when customers search for products, and will help drive more traffic and sales.
  3. Track
    Monitor all your product listings with the help of dashboards and scheduled weekly reports. With this information at your fingertips, you can get an insight into any problems that may need to be addressed to propel your product sales forward.

Now that you know the steps you can take with eZoptimizer, let’s look at how they may help you be more successful on Walmart.com, if you own the product page content. Ultimately, listing improvements made with this solution help Walmart.com customers find your products easier and shop them more confidently. Here is how:

  • Optimize your listings for best visibility and conversion
    eZoptimizer will help you ensure that your products stand out with the optimized product title that has relevant keywords, self-explanatory images, enhanced descriptions with bullets, and product reviews. Plus, you can increase the Listing Quality score of your content which can help you earn the Pro Seller Badge. This mark of seller excellence displayed on Walmart.com pages helps you build customer confidence, boost the exposure of your products and drive sales.
  • Track and include keywords that matter
    By seamlessly including the right keywords in the content, you can increase the appearance of your products in search results by up to 18%*. In a controlled test, eZdia observed a 26% increase* in sales on optimized pages, compared to a 12% increase* on non-optimized pages over the same period. Tracking keyword rankings with a reputable search rank tracking tool is critical for assessing SEO performance, including the impact of content and link alterations. eZoptmizer allows you to monitor and report on keyword ranks in search engine result pages (SERPs) on a weekly and even daily basis, offering excellent value for the cost of this type of AI-based software. *Source: ezdia.com
  • Leverage meaningful data to manage your catalog
    Useful insights about your listings’ productivity allow you to better understand how you’re managing your catalog each week, as well as to plan out your priority optimization tasks. With eZoptimizer, you can track keyword rankings, organic traffic and its ROI, conversions, and revenue for all optimized product pages, as well as communicate with other users on your team. Weekly reports will also aid management in making educated decisions regarding your brand.
  • Stay in control of your listing performance
    Get alerts and notifications from eZoptimizer to address all issues in a timely manner. With early warnings of your items’ declining performance on Walmart.com, you may help prevent longer-term issues and get a speedy return on your investment. You can also use the tool to notify relevant people within your company and significantly reduce the response times. This guarantees key issues are never ignored and that the actions are performed quickly.

Proven Success Formula – Automated Optimization & Re-Optimization

To run a successful business on Walmart.com is an ongoing process of analysis, optimization, tracking, and re-optimization. When you do one-time content additions, results will always be temporary. While you may initially notice some improvements in traffic and conversions, the effect may fade over time and your product search rankings may suffer. And this is how automation of your listing optimization comes into the picture. To streamline the process and help ensure effective optimization and re-optimization, eZoptimizer allows you to automate many of the tasks which over time will decrease your operational expenses and will prove to be a worthwhile investment in your company growth.

  • Up to 2x increase in revenue
  • 3.2x increase in traffic, on average
  • 46% increase in conversion, on average

eZdia, is a leading global digital marketing organization that specializes in providing content tools and services for marketplace sellers. From creating, editing, and publishing enhanced content, working with accessible content optimization experts, to tracking your business with customized weekly reports, and getting Buy Box and out of stock alerts, eZoptimizer offers capabilities to do it all within one platform.

eZoptmizer is already being used by hundreds of companies who saw tremendous improvements in their overall company KPIs, including an average 3.2X increase in traffic, an average 46% increase in conversion, and for some sellers – a 2X increase in revenue*.

*Source: ezdia.com

With over a decade of expertise working with Walmart and optimizing content, our tactics are highly quantifiable and directly related to driving additional revenue. eZdia employs a return on content spend (ROCS) strategy for both monitoring and improving content strategies that are product, brand, and site-specific.

9+ Years of experience with Walmart

Expertise in channel optimization tools and techniques

Analyze, optimize, track using a data-driven SaaS platform

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