At Walmart, we’re always looking for ways to help you grow your business. This year, we have an exciting opportunity for our sellers who own their brand and have innovative products that are made, grown, or assembled in the U.S. You may have the opportunity to bring those items to Walmart and Sam’s Club.

For the first time, you have exclusive early access to Walmart’s annual Open Call event, the largest sourcing event for Walmart stores and Sam’s Clubs. Walmart’s reputable presence both online and in store, can give you the power to expand your reach to millions of new customers.

The early application window opens February 1 and will close February 25, 2022. In the meantime, Marketplace sellers should keep an eye on their email inbox or Seller Center for an exclusive invite to apply.

What is Open Call?

Open Call is Walmart’s largest sourcing event for Walmart and Sam’s Club’s more than 5,300 stores and clubs in the U.S. We know our customers love buying products made, grown, or assembled in the U.S., especially when the items are from their local community.

On June 28 and 29, 2022, selected applicants will have the exciting opportunity to pitch their new, innovative products to Walmart and/or Sam’s Club merchants for the chance to become a supplier for, Walmart, or Sam’s Club’s network of over 5,300 stores and clubs.

In addition to one-on-one product pitch meetings, there will be breakout sessions with Walmart and Sam’s Club leaders and special guests where sellers and prospective suppliers can learn more about valuable topics and resources available to them. Many of the sessions will be held virtually so if you don’t secure a product pitch meeting, you can still participate in the event.

Application requirements

For a product to be eligible for Open Call, it must be made, grown, or assembled in the U.S. Additionally, the requirements to be a prospective supplier on or in Walmart and Sam’s Club are slightly different than Walmart Marketplace requirements. For a list of supplier standards and requirements, click here.

5 tips for preparing the perfect pitch

If you’re one of the fortunate applicants to score a product pitch meeting, you’ll want to do whatever it takes to make the most out of this opportunity. Each participant will be given 30 minutes to wow the Walmart and/or Sam’s Club merchants and demonstrate why their product is the best in its category. Follow the tips below to help prepare for the meeting and maximize your chances of advancing to the next round.

  1. Select qualifying products. Sellers must own their brand and the products must be made, grown, or assembled in the U.S. Open Call prohibits products in categories such as cigarettes/tobacco, pharmaceutical drugs, animal health, barn and stall equipment, irrigation & spraying, retailer services, books, movies, music, or items with ingredients, USPs, descriptions, or names that include CBD or cannabis. Click here for a full list of prohibited products.
  2. Show how your product is performing. Share insights about the product’s performance including online sales or number of units sold. Start with the Analytics Overview Dashboard in Seller Center to view a summary of your best-selling products and their GMV.
  3. Tell us why customers love it. Your customers are your brand advocates. Use compelling product reviews to show how your item impacts the customer’s experience.
  4. Provide a unique selling proposition. What makes your product better than your competitors? Make sure you can describe a unique, differentiating quality that only your business has.
  5. Share a memorable product story. Keep your story short and straight to the point. Include specific details about how your product is designed to solve a customer problem.

How to submit your application

Walmart is working with RangeMe to gather all product pitches for Open Call. Once early registration opens on February 1, your exclusive RangeMe application link will be accessible via email or via Seller Center’s QuickHelp. Start setting up your account on RangeMe’s website now to begin building a robust product portfolio and supplier profile. Completing this information now will help streamline the required steps once the Open Call application process opens.

Have more questions about Open Call? Click here for FAQs.

Learn more about Walmart’s $350 billion commitment to U.S. manufacturing to help create American jobs here.

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