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Explore new columns in the On-Request Item Report for the new Repricer tool

Have you heard about the brand-new Walmart Marketplace Repricer? By leveraging our automated technology, you can setup successful pricing strategies and stay up to date on varying market conditions. And now, you can take advantage of four new columns in the On-Request Item Report (version 3). The new columns are:

  • Repricer Strategy
  • Minimum Seller Allowed Price
  • Maximum Seller Allowed Price
  • Repricer Status

Automate your pricing below and don’t forget to sign up for our Walmart Repricer Webinar on May 11 to learn more!


Automate your pricing

Item reports are now enhanced with four new variant columns in the On-Request Item Report

Four new columns have been added to enhance item reports and make variant information available. The new variant columns include:

  • Variant Group ID: A unique ID created to identify all items in the variant group.
  • Primary Variant: Variant items selected as primary when the group was created.
  • Variant Grouping Attributes: Highlighting variants that vary by these attributes in the variant group.
  • Variant Grouping Values: Sharing all values assigned to the variant attributes.

Learn more about how to manage your variants below!


Manage your variants

Don’t forget: Order ID numbers are changing

Starting the week of April 25, we will be increasing the length of our order ID numbers. Order numbers are currently 13-digits long, but they will be expanding to 15-digits, and will always start with a “2” to make it easier for customers to manage and track. There are no required code changes or action needed by you, but please ensure there will be no limitations on your end to consume or display the new order IDs. Check out the Developer Center below to learn more.


Learn more

It's time to sub On-Request Reports for Pre-Generated Item Reports

Starting end of April, sellers can access the following information through On-Request Reports:

  • Item Performance
  • Cancellation
  • Delivery Defect
  • Buy Box Reports
  • Return Overrides
  • Promo and CPA

Make sure you start using On-Request Reports as soon as possible, as the older Pre-Generated Item Report will no longer be available for use starting June 30, and we’re also decommissioning ALL Pre-Generated Reports on July 30.


Access On-Request reports

Stay on top of your inventory and operations with Webhooks

Need help staying on top of your workflows? Webhooks can help you optimize your operations with immediate notifications on events such as:

  • When an item moves from published to unpublished
  • When an order is auto-canceled by Walmart
  • When a new purchase order is created
  • When an item’s inventory is out of stock
  • When there’s a Buy Box/winner change
  • When an offer is successfully published
  • …and more!

You can subscribe to the notifications that are most important to you, and change subscriptions as needed. When an event occurs, Walmart will send you a push notification with details to help you manage the event. Learn more about Webhooks in the Developer Portal and manage your notifications below.


Manage your notifications

Say goodbye to Item Spec 3—and upgrade to Item Spec 4

If you’re still using Item Spec 3, it’s time to upgrade! Over the next six months we’ll be phasing out Item Spec 3 in favor of Item Spec 4, which has a ton of new features you’re going to love, including:

  • Item setup based on sub-category, including multi-category item setup and a new Excel design that has removed macros
  • Dedicated item maintenance specs, with reduced requirements for easier updates and support for partial updates
  • Attribution changes, including hundreds of new closed list attributes, thousands of attribute optimizations based on sub-categories, and hundreds of new attribute definitions
  • Backwards compatibility without impacting item setup on older Spec versions
  • Extra support for Walmart Fulfillment Services, with new item setup APIs for setting up a full WFS item or converting an existing MP item to WFS

Log into Seller Center and download Item Spec 4 today!


Upgrade now

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