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New feature! Enhance your Marketplace listings using Grow Your Catalog recommendations

Now, you can expand your Marketplace listings with the help of our new Grow Your Catalog dashboard in Seller Center. Get specific recommendations of popular brands and items to help diversify your catalog assortment and boost your growth!


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Meet Channel Manager, an Adobe Commerce integration with Walmart Marketplace

We are excited to introduce you to Channel Manager, a new Adobe Commerce integration with Walmart Marketplace! With this free extension, online US-based sellers can manage their business and streamline their operations—all from a single platform at scale. Plus, it helps sellers save valuable time by seamlessly integrating their online catalog, inventory, pricing, and orders with Walmart Marketplace.

Here’s an overview of what sellers can achieve with this integration:

  • Easy listing management (Item Matching): Sellers can easily match products from their Adobe Commerce catalog to existing listings.
  • Updated inventory management: Items in the seller’s Marketplace account are automatically synced and updated from Adobe Commerce to help ensure accurate inventory levels.
  • Automatic pricing updates: When prices change in Adobe Commerce, the changes are reflected on Seller Center.
  • Synchronized order management: Channel Manager syncs new orders created on Marketplace with Adobe Commerce and ensures inventory is reserved for each order.
  • Shipping management: When orders are marked as shipped in Adobe Commerce, the shipment update is sent to the seller’s Marketplace account to help them meet their fulfillment requirements and notify customers.
  • Cancellations: Channel Manager will send details of cancelled orders to the seller’s Marketplace account so cancellations can be replicated on their side.

Channel Manager also features automatic updates, task consolidation, and a simple, three-step onboarding process. Click below to learn more!


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5 ways Walmart Fulfillment Services (WFS) can help scale your eCommerce business

In today’s retail landscape, convenience and cost-effectiveness have become non-negotiable for online shoppers. At Walmart Marketplace, it’s our priority to set our sellers up for success. Enroll in Walmart Fulfillment Services (WFS), a low-cost end-to-end fulfillment solution that taps into one of the world’s largest supply chains! In this month’s Sell Better Blog post, you’ll learn how WFS can help you grow and scale your business with features like:

  • Fast shipping and increased product visibility—for a 50% increase in GMV, on average.
  • Convenient Free & Easy Returns that help customers with hassle-free returns in-store and online.
  • Product eligibility in our Walmart+ ‘free shipping’ subscription program, which helps you build loyalty with shoppers.
  • Streamlined backend operations, which allow you to focus on sales while we take care of the rest: packing, shipping, customer support, returns, and inventory preparation (via our WFS Prep Services program).
  • Cost-effective benefits, from our simple and straightforward pricing structure to our WFS Preferred Carrier Program that offers discounted inbounding rates for small parcels and less-than-truckload (LTL) deliveries.


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Reminder: Full Item Setup & Maintenance specs 3.2 retiring soon

This is a quick reminder that starting October 1, our systems will no longer support Item Setup or Maintenance using Item Spec 3.2. Make sure you start using the latest versions in Seller Center now so you can enjoy all the new features, manage your items more efficiently, and help ensure your business remains uninterrupted!

Coming soon: Weekend Delivery options

Exciting news! Sellers will soon be able to update their shipping settings to enable ‘Weekend Delivery’ options—and offer Saturday and Sunday transit and delivery to customers. By providing more precise shipping information for your orders, Weekend Delivery helps bridge the gap between estimated and actual delivery dates. Plus, with more online options than ever before, a better delivery promise can make you stand out from the crowd and help you convert more customers—a win-win for sellers and customers alike! Stay tuned for more details coming soon.

More carriers available for selection in Order Management dashboard

Beginning July 6, we are enhancing the Order Management dashboard in Seller Center so that sellers will be able to select from an expanded list of supported carriers. This means customers can soon see tracking status updates from more carriers.

The following carriers will be available for sellers to choose from the Carrier dropdown when marking orders as “Shipped” in the Status column:

  • Metropolitan (Metropolitan Warehouse & Delivery)
  • CN Post (China Post)
  • YunExpress
  • YRC Freight
  • AIT Worldwide
  • NTW (National Tire Wholesale)

Payments & Tax

Updates to payment holds for new sellers coming soon

New Marketplace sellers experience payment holds for a period of time, as they are new to building their buyer-seller history and credibility. We will soon be making the following updates to this policy:

U.S. sellers:
New sellers will continue to experience a 14-day payment hold on each fulfilled order until they meet both criteria below. The timeframe of this hold varies by individual seller and is in effect until:

  • 90 days have passed since your first order was shipped.
  • You have sold $7,500 in merchandise (GMV).

An example: You began selling on on May 9, 2022 and ship 15 orders May 9–20, 2022. The payment for these shipments will be deposited on June 7, 2022.

International sellers:
New sellers located outside of the U.S. will soon have longer payment holds, as orders may take longer to fulfill. They will experience a 21-day payment hold on each fulfilled order until they meet both criteria below. The timeframe of this hold varies by individual seller and is in effect until:

  • 90 days have passed since your first order was shipped.
  • You have sold $7,500 in merchandise (GMV).

An example: You began selling on on May 9, 2022 and ship 15 orders May 9–20, 2022. The payment for these shipments will be partially deposited on June 7, 2022 and completely deposited by June 21, 2022.

All sellers:
If you have questions, create a case for Partner Support:

Navigate to Seller Help, choose Support from the navigation menu, and then select Payments > A missing payment.

Policies & Guidelines

Dispute Policy & Guidelines reminder

We want to remind you of our Dispute Policy & Guidelines, which help you create dispute cases with the proper parties and avoid delaying the resolution process. Please review the processes for shipping returns below:

  • Note that for returns shipped using your own carrier, Walmart is not responsible for returns packages lost/damages in transit, lost after delivery, or delivered to an incorrect address, and will deny these disputes. You are required to file a claim with your carrier.
  • For returns shipped via Marketplace Return Shipping, all disputes for Items Lost in Transit, Misdelivered, or Damaged below $100 will be automatically denied. Please follow the proper steps to submit your dispute with FedEx directly here. Walmart will review all disputes above $100 only.

Security & Privacy

Walmart protects your security and privacy. We will never ask for personal information (such as passwords or credit card numbers) in an email. If you receive such a request, please do not respond to the email.

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