Core services

  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Product listing creation and management
  • Inventory and pricing updates
  • Product categorization
  • Data optimization
  • Automated order management
  • Data governance alerts to prevent bad data exports
  • 24/7 support
  • Global, multi-channel solution

Quick facts

  • Thousands of active clients
  • Integrations with more than 150 online retailers
  • Nearly 250 Feedos on our full-service team

Company Description

Feedonomics for Walmart Marketplace is a full-service solution that provides catalog listing and data optimization, automated order management, and marketplace expertise to help merchants maximize their performance on multiple channels.

Spend more time selling and less time troubleshooting unexpected errors. Data governance to safeguard your business and maximize product uptime.

Automated order management across multiple channels. Managing orders and inventory manually is inefficient, complicated, and unsustainable, especially when moving data across multiple systems.

We include experts who help you manage and execute platform integrations, data implementation, and error resolution:

  • Dedicated point of contact for comprehensive onboarding
  • Regular review calls to align on goals and assess performance
  • Implementation of all business rules and data optimizations

We streamline the listing process and optimizes your product data for better performance:

  • Clean and consistent product titles, descriptions, bullet points, and more to improve conversion
  • Accurate and granular product categorization to facilitate product discovery
  • High product attribute fill rate to create better quality product listings

We help protect your data, prevent issues before they occur, and find solutions quickly when problems arise:

  • Data governance rules to stop exports or send alerts when we detect issues like incorrect data for key attributes (i.e. pricing, inventory)
  • Inventory buffer and allocation rules to prevent overselling and protect your seller rating
  • Order monitoring and alerts to help your team action any potential issues

We use automated order management technology to simplify your workflows, free up valuable resources, and avoid costly errors or delays that put your business at risk:

  • Push and pull order data between Walmart Marketplace and your order management system (or ecommerce platform) every 15 minutes
  • Sync inventory with no limits on scheduling frequency
  • Manage orders within a single platform

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