Are you ready to use the coming weeks as a launchpad for a successful year ahead? As a Marketplace seller, you can use a variety of on- and off-Walmart advertising solutions to drive sales for your business. Tapping into these complementary tactics can help you make every effort to achieve your goals.

With Walmart Connect, you can help increase conversions by reaching ready-to-buy customers on Then, with Search Engine Marketing, you can drive new traffic to your listings on and protect your market share across the web.

This is the perfect time to continue your holiday momentum and capitalize on opportunities and events in the new year. Continue reading to learn what’s new with Walmart Connect and about other effective tools so you can start 2024 powerfully.

What’s new from Walmart Connect

Stand out in the scroll with Sponsored Video

Earlier this year, Walmart Connect launched the highly anticipated Sponsored Search solution, Sponsored Videos. This comes at an opportune time as shoppers increasingly rely on their own research to make purchase decisions. As a result, eCommerce sellers are feeling the pressure to not only reach more shoppers but make a lasting impression. With Sponsored Videos, Marketplace sellers can do that and more.

Benefits of Sponsored Videos at a glance:

  • Increase brand awareness
  • Drive product consideration
  • Grow conversions
  • Attract new customers

Don’t miss out! On average, return on ad spend (ROAS) grew by ~30% year over year for all Sponsored Search advertisers1.

Get started with Sponsored Videos to help your products stand out in search results on And begin the new year by attracting new customers—of all orders attributed to Sponsored Videos, 60% were new-to-brand customers2.

Get the training you need to help grow sales

Whether you’re new to Sponsored Search advertising or a seasoned pro, you can explore the new Walmart Connect Academy Ad Certification program. Become certified through a series of online courses designed to help you use Walmart Connect’s advertising solutions to drive the best results. With each certification, you will earn a badge and can be confident you’re making the most out of each solution.

It’s a great time to start learning or refresh your knowledge because even more courses are expected to be added next year.

Get the support you need with the Walmart Connect Partner Network directory

Great news—you can now find flexible alternatives to in-house marketing with the Walmart Connect Partner Network. Tap into a range of third-party services, fee structures, and business models for advertising tools that can support your success. After all, when you leverage the expertise of our advertising partners, you can see up to 28% higher return on ad spend.*

The directory enables you to connect directly to the right resources for more information. You can even search by solution type, service model, and/or region.

*Source: Walmart first-party data, February–April 2023. Due to the given range of data, results may vary over a different period of time. Past results do not guarantee future performance.

Introducing Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Expand your customer pool beyond Walmart

Finally, you can supplement your Walmart Connect strategy with SEM, a new, unaffiliated, self-serve advertising solution. With SEM, you can promote your listings through Google Shopping Ads and reach customers searching for products off of By using both Walmart Connect and SEM to support your Marketplace business, you will cast a wider net and give your listings the best chance to succeed.

You can find this feature right in Seller Center under the Growth Opportunities tab. When you get started, enjoy a frictionless experience and unlock instant discoverability through Google’s audience. Not to mention, you can benefit from proprietary recommendations, a bulk upload option, and interactive data visualizations.

Marketplace sellers see an average of 4:1 Return on Ad Spend3.

We look forward to seeing how you will use our latest advertising enhancements to help grow your business in 2024 and beyond. Stay tuned for more exciting developments already in the works!

Sources: 1 – Walmart first-party data, Feb-April 2022 vs. Feb-April 2023. 2 – Walmart first-party data, June 1 – July 31, 2023. Due to the range of data, results may vary. Past results do not guarantee future performance. New-to-brand is defined as a customer who purchases a brand’s product from or Walmart app as a result of an ad campaign after not having purchased from the brand on or Walmart app during the previous 12 months. 3 – Walmart first-party data, Feb–Oct 2023 timeframe.

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