Here at Walmart Marketplace, we pride ourselves on setting our sellers up for success at every step of the way to take advantage of being one of the fastest-growing eCommerce platforms in the world. So, whether you’re just getting started or looking to master our robust suite of solutions for growth on, these are the tips to guide you at each stage!

The Complete Guide to Leveling Up

Newcomers start here

After completing your 3-step set up, it’s time to get your products onto our site. We have multiple ways for you to upload and edit your catalog on, so find the best option for your business below.

Helpful tip!

To make sure your catalog stands out to customers, ensure you’re providing high-quality product listings.

Gain more experience

Hooray! Now that your business is up and running on, take the time to get into the cadence of managing and fulfilling your orders.

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You can choose to: ship your items yourself, through Walmart Fulfillment Services, or with a third-party Solution Provider. Find the full range of your fulfillment options here.

Looking for a low-cost way to streamline your inventory prep, end-to-end fulfillment, returns, and customer service? Do it all, and then some, through Walmart Fulfillment Services (WFS).

Become a scale-seeker

By now, you’ve familiarized yourself with the platform and made some sales. So, how can we focus on expanding your business’s reach on the platform?

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Promote your listings as customers are searching for products like yours on Google with Search Engine Marketing (SEM).

Get personalized recommendations for your business

Assortment Growth Dashboard

Using customer demand signals, product prices on other platforms, and category data, this free tool recommends best-selling items to add to your catalog.

Success Hub

Formerly known as Biz Mentor, this free tool works in real time to identify specific items in your catalog with potential for improvement in areas like price, inventory, and conversion.

Plus, sellers can now view the history of past recommendations, should they wish to revisit them.


Our free, automated pricing tool helps manage select listings and keep your offers competitive for a greater chance of winning the Buy Box.

Brand Portal

Manage and protect your brands and intellectual property rights with a powerful free tool. Submit, track, and register your brands and claims on this easy-to-use, unified hub and unlock advertising opportunities like Sponsored Brands and Sponsored Videos.

Get your brand and products in front of millions of customers. Increase your brand’s visibility for online purchases and be top-of-mind with Sponsored Search Advertising from Walmart Connect.

Play in master mode

Congratulations! You’re at the top of your game. Now that you’ve acquired and converted new customers, the focus is on retention. So, how can we make sure that they know they can always rely on your business to provide quality products for their needs?

Helpful tip!

Take your product pages to the next level by incorporating Rich Media. This helps your customers get a better understanding of your product to help with increased conversion and lower return rates.*

*First-party data, (Dec 2023-Jan 2024)

Create a positive post-purchase experience

Review Accelerator Program

Gain the confidence of online shoppers and stand out by participating in this pay-per-review program that encourages customers to add authentic reviews to your items.

Review Syndication Program

Enhance your listings and allow customers to shop your assortment with confidence through this free service that imports your organic product reviews onto

Pro Seller Badge

Build trust, boost exposure, and stand out as a reliable choice with the Pro Seller Badge. This mark of excellence is awarded to top-performing sellers for bringing their A-game to customers with things like on-time delivery and high response rates.

Need a helping hand from a professional to specialize in a specific or full eCommerce service(s)? Find our list of leading solution providers here.

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