The holiday season brings a surge in online shopping every year, but with fewer crowded malls and less in-person foot traffic this year, digital sellers should be prepared for an even bigger spike. Walmart Marketplace sellers have a unique opportunity to shine even more in the coming months on, and getting ahead with a plan is key. In fact, according to a shopping and trends expert at Retail Me Not, 31% of consumers plan to shop early this year to get ahead of any potential inventory or delivery delays.

We’ve already gone over what sellers in the Fashion category can expect, but what about those in the Home category? Ahead, we’ll take a look at our predictions for trending product types on, gift recommendations across the Home vertical, and how to get in touch with our Home category team if you’d like to inquire about potential added exposure in our holiday merchandising campaigns. We’ll respond to a select number of inquiries based on top submissions.

Pro tip: Keep an eye on our new Listing Quality Dashboard to make sure your Listing Quality score is at least 50%. You’ll find custom recommendations for improvements if needed.

Help create a cozy home with holiday traditions and new trends

Thanks to an uptick in working from home and spending more time indoors overall this year, people are eager to create a cozy, welcoming space to enjoy. When it comes to gifts, home décor and accents provide endless possibilities for people shopping for the interior experts in their lives.

Key categories we’re highlighting include fragrance: soothing scents from aesthetically pleasing candles to diffusers; mirrors: statement-making pieces for any room in the home; wall art and décor: easy ways to spruce up blank canvases; decorative accents: from bookends to trinket trays; and unique lighting: fun fixtures to brighten up kids’ spaces or chic string lights to add holiday flair to any room.

Plus, holiday decorating at home will remain a priority this year. Some people want to go big with garland galore and decked-out doorsteps. Others want to change it up with vintage glam, one of Good Housekeeping’s top décor trends of 2020 (think pastel wreaths and gold accents), or modern farmhouse style (with warm neutrals and artisanal, globally inspired accents). As you finalize your holiday inventory, keep this broad spectrum in mind and source any products that are a good fit.

Based on the relevant product types listed in this post, let us know what assortment you’re bringing to this holiday season and be sure to include popular items in holiday campaigns for potential added exposure.

Please fill out this inquiry form to connect with our Home category team*.

*Submissions will be monitored through December 18, 2020.

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“This has been an unprecedented year in so many ways. More than ever, we’re investing in our sellers and platform to truly deliver a well-deserved Holiday season to the customer.”
Justine Van Buren, GM of Home

Turn heads with tie dye

Tie dye has made a huge comeback in fashion over the last year, and it’s making its way into home décor. With pretty pastels as well as bright, busier patterns, this trend is a versatile one that can be incorporated in a number of ways. Throw pillows, tapestries, lamps, indoor plant holders, rugs, and throw blankets are popular categories tie-dye enthusiasts have their eyes on.

Pro tip: Keep an extra close eye on Attributes

When setting up your items on, you’ll need to keep several things in mind for a quality listing. One of the most important components is the number of attributes you include for each item—the more, the better.

Assigning correct and relevant attributes means your items are more discoverable on as consumers narrow down their searches through keywords and filters. Key attributes we recommend including in your Home listings are color, pattern, material, finish, dimensions, and home decor style.

Lean into nostalgia

Nostalgia is always trending, especially in gift-giving season. Finding that perfect item that brings up warm feelings of comfort and joy from years past can’t be beat, and there are plenty of ways to fuel the throwback momentum. Retro-looking record players with modern functionalities delight today’s music lovers, while psychedelic lava lamps or inflatable chairs bring ‘90s kids way back. Merch themed after popular TV shows is also a big hit, especially when it can be incorporated into the home (such as framed prints, throw pillows, or coffee mugs).

Cater to the tech enthusiast

Speaking of working from home, there’s never been a better time to offer convenient tech gifts that upgrade the home office or the savvy homeowner’s overall setup. Gear up for gadgets from LED lighting to keyboard accessories and “smart” diffusers or candles.

Fill the gaps with whimsy

There are always those hard-to-shop-for people, and that’s when miscellaneous novelty items come in handy. Avocado-shaped pillow? Great for the holiday season. Fried chicken-scented firelog? That too (and yes, that really happened). From humorous welcome mats to adorable animal-shaped tech gadgets and so much more, this category is all about affordable, silly items that are just for fun. Whether for stocking stuffers or white elephant gifts, these funny yet useful items are perfect for a wide audience of shoppers.

Now that you’ve reviewed some of the trending product categories for this year, take a moment to go through the following checklist to be more prepared than ever. If you’ve got exciting products not to be missed by millions of shoppers, don’t forget to fill out the inquiry form above to let our merchandising team know.

Holiday checklist for Home category sellers:

  • Promise fast delivery
    The better the expedited options you offer (such as Walmart TwoDay and ThreeDay), the better the chance of winning the Buy Box. Plus, these delivery programs are easy to turn on and off or offer by region. Use Shipping Templates to customize your delivery setup.
  • Monitor content quality
    Make sure your content is accurate and is SEO compliant. Reference this handy guide for more tips!
  • Attribute everything
    As you add Attributes to your item, it becomes more discoverable on If you’re bringing new items and need to list them, use our user-friendly Item Spec 4.0 to quickly get set up.
  • Keep your shelves stocked
    Having a solid, stocked inventory creates a better customer experience and makes sure you can adjust to rapid changes in demand.
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