Marketplaces offer a host of perks to sellers, such as low setup costs, reliable fulfillment, a trustworthy place to sell, and more. And as consumers become savvier and are more accustomed to convenience, they’ll continue to flock to marketplaces.

Since its inception nearly ten years ago, Walmart Marketplace has become one of the fastest-growing eCommerce platforms in the U.S. because of the breadth of products our sellers offer. And our innovative solutions simplify the selling process—so sellers can reach more shoppers and sell better.

But as a seller, where do you start? This up-to-date, no-frills guide covers everything you need to know about selling on Walmart Marketplace. This blog will cover the following:

Why sell your products on a marketplace?

Online marketplaces are one-stop destinations for shopping across all categories, and they have essentially changed the expectations of consumers. According to a survey from Mirkal, 70% of consumers believe online marketplaces are the most convenient way to shop for better delivery options, better selection, and better prices.

Additionally, online marketplaces attract valuable, repeat customers because of product selection and price transparency. Forrester shares that online marketplaces will contribute approximately 67% of global eCommerce sales in 2022.

Selling your products on an online marketplace means hopefully getting a slice of the $40.2 billion in eCommerce sales they drove in 2022 (double from $18.6 billion in 2017). And you can take advantage of perks such as:

  • Built-in customer base
  • Low setup costs
  • Product visibility
  • Reliable fulfillment
  • Easy returns
  • Trust factor
  • Lower risk

What is Walmart Marketplace?

So, what is Walmart Marketplace, and why is it a trusted place to sell? Walmart Marketplace is a community of established, professional sellers whose high-quality assortments complement the first-party offerings on

The innovative solutions of Walmart Marketplace aim to simplify the selling experience for brands of all sizes. We help deliver growth at scale and peace of mind to:

  • Sell your products confidently on
  • Pay zero monthly or set up fees, so sellers can save and earn more.
  • Access a built-in audience of 120 million monthly visitors and loyal customers who shop with Walmart across different categories and channels.
  • Fuel your growth with innovative pricing, catalog management, advertising, fulfillment, returns, and brand management solutions.
  • Onboard smoothly so you can sell quickly and easily.

Additionally, Walmart Marketplace sellers have access to Walmart’s omnichannel capabilities. We have an established and credible online and in-store presence.

Sellers can allow customers to manage returns online or in person at Walmart stores. Enhanced returns offer seamless experiences and flexibility that boosts customer satisfaction, earning you repeat shoppers.

What are the qualifications to join Walmart Marketplace?

So, you’re considering joining Walmart Marketplace but don’t know where to start. Well, we make applying to Walmart Marketplace simple and easy. We aim to help you offer products to customers faster.

Before you begin, here are the minimum qualifications to join Walmart Marketplace:

  • Business Tax ID(s) (SSN not accepted) or Business License Number
  • Supporting documents that verify your business name and address
  • History of marketplace or eCommerce success
  • Products that have GTIN/UPC GS1 Company Prefix Numbers
  • A catalog that complies with Walmart’s Prohibited Products Policy
  • Fulfillment through Walmart Fulfillment Services (WFS) or another B2C U.S. warehouse with returns capability

Pro tip

Compile this information before navigating to the application page. Having this information ready and available makes the application process smoother, so you can sell faster.

How to start selling on Walmart Marketplace

So, do you feel ready to get started? Visit the Walmart Marketplace signup page, fill out the required information, review the terms, and create your Walmart Marketplace account. It will take about a minute. (Yes, you read that right).

From there, you’ll complete the three-step setup to begin onboarding.

  1. Business verification
  2. Payments
  3. Shipping

First, verify your business by submitting your details and completing your Seller Profile. Ensure your tax information matches IRS records so we can verify your business quickly and you can sell faster. Next, tell us where to send your payments. Rest assured—there are no setup, subscription, or monthly fees for selling on Walmart Marketplace. Finally, configure your shipping methods and costs. Select your preferred returns method and carriers for your budget.

Pro tip

Need storing, packing, and shipping your orders? No problem! Walmart Fulfillment Services offers end-to-end fulfillment services for Walmart Marketplace sellers —with competitive pricing.

Seller Center

All Walmart Marketplace sellers get access to Seller Center. In Seller Center, you’ll register your company, update your account settings, view reports, manage catalog performance, and more.

What does it cost to sell on Walmart Marketplace?

Now that you’re on your way to selling on Walmart Marketplace, you’ve likely got some questions about cost. Walmart Marketplace prides itself on transparent pricing and competitive commission rates.

There is no setup, monthly, or hidden fees for any sellers. Instead, you pay for what you sell. We deduct a reasonable referral fee from each completed purchase. Our commission rates vary by category and total sales price but range from 6% to 15%.

Our goal is to help our marketplace sellers earn more through competitive referral fees. To determine your referral fees, use this guide.

Tips for selling faster on Walmart Marketplace

Here are a few tips that can make the application process easier and help you get approved faster to sell on Walmart Marketplace.

Pro tip 1

First, make sure you have a history of marketplace or eCommerce success. Being an established and credible seller is something we take seriously. Closely vetting our sellers allows us to provide a great product range and shopping experience for our customers.

Pro tip 2

Next, ensure that none of your products appear on Walmart Marketplace’s Prohibited Products Policy. Prohibited products include hazardous materials, alcohol, certain types of food, offensive products, and more. Please thoroughly review the list—if you have just one of these items in your catalog, your Walmart Marketplace application will be denied.

Pro tip 3

Provide as much information about your business upfront. Doing so will save you lots of back-and-forth. Fill in all the gaps in your application to avoid delays in the review process.

Review the Walmart Performance Standards and Policies so you’re fully aware of and compliant with all Walmart Marketplace policies, rules, and guidelines.

Setting up your items on Walmart Marketplace

As a seller, you have many options for integrating your catalog with Check out The Ultimate Guide to Item Setup on Walmart Marketplace on our Sell Better Blog to review all of your options in detail.

This comprehensive guide will help you identify which item setup method to choose so you can list your products faster. Choose the appropriate method for your business and follow best practices to help ensure a successful experience.

Tools to help you grow on Walmart Marketplace

As a Walmart Marketplace seller, you can leverage innovative solutions right out of the gate to maximize your potential. Once you complete your account setup and list your products, you will have direct access to Walmart Fulfillment Services and Walmart Connect.

Walmart Fulfillment Services (WFS) offers fast, reliable fulfillment and shipping solutions at rates that average 15% less than the competition.* How does WFS work?

  1. Join Walmart Marketplace to create your WFS account and set up products.
  2. Ship your inventory to our designated fulfillment center(s).
  3. WFS stores and ships your orders to customers within two days.**

With one of the world’s largest supply chains, Walmart Marketplace provides the scale, quality, cost savings, and efficiency you need to grow a successful business on

*Fulfillment cost per item. Walmart first-party data, February 2023-December 2023.
**Non-peak. Some big and bulky items excluded. Only standard shipping is available in non-contiguous states of Alaska and Hawaii.

Pro tip

WFS can be an accelerant for your sales on Sellers see 50% GMV growth, on average, for items with ‘Fulfilled by Walmart’ and ‘2-day shipping’ tags.***

***On average. Walmart first-party data, February 2023-February 2024.

Sponsored Search advertising from Walmart Connect gets your brand and products in front of customers searching Walmart’s site and app for products like yours. You only pay when customers click your ad.

Walmart Connect offers two kinds of Sponsored Search advertising:

  • Sponsored Product ads
    Sponsored Product ads appear in high-visibility placements, including within relevant search results on item pages. A click advances customers to your product’s item page.
  • Sponsored Brands
    A premium placement available to marketplace brand owners registered with Walmart Brand Portal. This feature sends your brand logo and products to the top of relevant search results.

Walmart Brand Portal helps you protect your intellectual property on You could be eligible to use Walmart Brand Portal if you are a rights owners with tailored trademarks, an authorized third-party brand protection agency, or an authorized legal representative.

The benefits of Walmart Brand Portal include:

  • Streamlined IP claim submission process
  • Comprehensive claim tracking dashboard
  • Centralized user management services

Streamline your registration by having your company information, active trademark registration number, and verifiable email address ready.

Seller Help

Seller Help is the best resource available to marketplace sellers. In Seller Help, you can browse guides by topic, read featured content, and go through frequently asked questions. Seller Help is full of tips, best practices, and more for Walmart Marketplace.


Walmart Marketplace offers a host of perks, such as low setup costs, reliable fulfillment, better deals, and more. As consumers become savvier and are more accustomed to convenience, marketplaces are the future of eCommerce.

Walmart Marketplace helps you succeed as an eCommerce seller. With our ecosystem of solutions that deliver growth at scale, you can reach more and sell better. Create your Walmart Marketplace account today to explore Sponsored Search advertising from Walmart Connect and Walmart Fulfillment Services!

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