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  • Listing management
  • Sales orders
  • Order processing
  • WFS shipment
  • WFS inventory
  • Buyer communication
  • Sales report
  • Financial statements

Established in 2017, G+ is a well-known cross-border eCommerce digital infrastructure service provider in China, focusing on providing full closed-loop eCommerce solutions for cross-border e-commerce sellers.

G+ has a team with years of industry technology and experience accumulation. With the product concept of “understanding the industry and customers”, based on a deep understanding of the logic of cross-border e-commerce business, we create products and services that are more tailored to the needs of sellers in the industry.

Using our software and a team of market experts, we will assist you in providing professional and efficient business solutions, achieving operational intelligence, full closed-loop supply chain, financial lean management, and standardization.

At the same time, G+ BI is based on the data processing and indicator definition capabilities of Jijia ERP, deepening the development of business data, breaking a single perspective, providing visual data analysis, and empowering sellers to achieve more comprehensive, lean and intelligent decision-making.

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