Full Service




  • Optimize Listing Content Using AI
  • Order Management
  • Return/Refund Management
  • Pricing Tooling/Bulk/Automatic Repricing
  • Marketing Services
  • Item Setup & Management
  • Walmart Connect Marketing Services
  • Trending Walmart Item Tracking
  • Access Information on Top Selling Items on Walmart by Category/Department

NET & Company is an eCommerce platform that focuses on developing conversion solutions for marketplaces, brands and retailers.

Our free full-service Walmart seller platform is sure to turbo-charge your Walmart business and help you keep as much margin as possible!

Some features of our platform include:

  • Optimizing your product listings to rank higher in Walmart’s search algorithm.
  • Pulling real-time Walmart sales data for top-selling products. Identifying high-volume, low-competition products to meet the actual needs of Walmart shoppers.
  • Managing orders and returns in one central place.

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