Downstream by Jungle Scout

Core services

  • Advertising campaign creation and management
  • Keyword discovery and targeting
  • Performance monitoring and sales analytics dashboards
  • Consolidated and simplified reporting

Quick facts

  • Downstream is backed by Jungle Scout, the leading all-in-one platform for ecommerce selling with 500,000+ customers worldwide.
  • Downstream customers include large ecommerce brands and agencies such as BIC, HP, Keurig, Mutesix and more.
  • Downstream provides an enterprise-level solution for ecommerce sellers to analyze both overall and multi-channel business performance, and compare Walmart sales data side by side with other marketplaces.
  • Downstream monitors 1.8 billion data points daily to power their market intelligence tools that help entrepreneurs and brands manage successful ecommerce businesses.

Company Description

Downstream Impact is an advertising software platform which allows brands to better measure, manage, and optimize their online marketplace presence. Founded in 2017, Downstream’s powerful AI-driven algorithms help brands capitalize on the explosive growth of the ecommerce advertising business. In 2021, Jungle Scout acquired Downstream to promote enterprise growth and integrate advertising technology into their suite of ecommerce management solutions.

Downstream became a Walmart Advertising Partner to empower brands and agencies to quickly scale growth while improving ROI, RoAS and operational efficiency with best-in-class automation and insights. Join Downstream today to unlock your ecommerce potential with the leading automated ecommerce advertising and analytics solution.

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