Review Accelerator Program

Review Accelerator Program

Strengthen your catalog’s appeal with impactful reviews.

Log in to Seller Center, click on Growth Opportunities and navigate to the Review Accelerator Program Tab

Online reviews might be the most important deciding factor in a customer’s purchase journey. According to the Spiegel Research Center, 95% of shoppers are regularly on the lookout for positive recommendations before considering a purchase. A great addition to your toolkit, the Review Accelerator Program, has been developed with the goal of generating reviews so your business can gain trust and establish credibility where it matters most.

Accelerate number of reviews to help boost sales

Get personalized recommendations

Easily identify items best suited to the program and enroll them seamlessly via an easy-to-use dashboard. Remember to come back often to see new recommendations—items are refreshed daily.

Enroll/unenroll items easily

You can entice customers to write reviews in just a few clicks. And if you change your mind, you can pull back any item, any time, wherever it might have been in its review collection journey.

See your impact

From customers who’ve had a great experience and leave 5-star ratings to those that share realistic feedback for improvement—get priceless insights that can help your business succeed.

How it works:

The Review Accelerator program encourages customers to add authentic reviews to your items, helping your business build trust with online shoppers and stand out.

Existing customers are asked to share feedback after purchasing an item on in exchange for a small incentive* that’s only disclosed once they’ve made a purchase. A big impact at a low cost, Marketplace sellers pay $10 per review and are only charged for a max of 5 incentivized reviews per participating item.

The program is a great way to generate more reviews and help drive more sales!

*All reviews collected from the program will be badged incentivized. Walmart will not entertain any request to modify or remove any item reviews unless it is in violation of the Walmart UGC/ Ratings and Review Policies. Pricing and eligibility requirements can change at any time.

Getting started

Access your Review Accelerator Program tab under Growth Opportunities.

  1. Sign in to Seller Center, navigate to the Analytics section in the left-hand menu and select Growth Opportunities. Then, choose the Review Accelerator Program tab.
  2. Under the Eligible tab, you will see all items that are eligible to enroll in the program. Select the checkbox next to the item name, then select Enroll to complete enrollment.
  3. You’re in! Sit back and watch your items gather reviews in the next few weeks.

For more detailed information about the Review Accelerator Program, please check out our Seller Help article.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, Marketplace sellers will be charged a $10 service fee per review and will only be charged for a maximum of five incentivized reviews per participating item.

It’s possible that your current published catalog doesn’t have any items that meet our criteria for the program. Items are refreshed daily. Please check back in a few days as new eligible items may be available.

Items are only eligible to participate in the Reviews Accelerator Program if they have sales in the last 30 days and have less than five reviews.

NOTE: If you are not seeing a particular item on your eligible item list, it could be because the same item is already enrolled by another Marketplace seller. Only one seller can enroll an item at a given time.

At this time, we’re unable to take any manual requests for program inclusion. Please check back as this feature might become available in future updates.

Yes. All customers are Verified Purchasers meaning Walmart has verified they have purchased the participating item. Also, customers will not know about the incentive before making a purchase.

Walmart will not modify or remove a review unless it meets the guidelines for removal. See Request Removal of Seller or Product Feedback for more information.

Industry research says that the first 5 reviews are the most critical. The intent of the program is to introduce an initial 5 reviews to accelerate an item’s success on the Marketplace. We cap this number at 5 so as to not flood the item page with incentivized reviews. We are always evaluating data and will inform you of any changes to this policy as the program evolves.

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