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Get a Head Start on the Busy Season

Prepare for the upcoming holiday season and start utilizing our new and improved APIs. Get a refresher on the enhancements we’ve made to error messages and learn how to take your listings to the next level with the API Analytics Dashboard, Listing Quality APIs, and Item Spec 4.2.

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Optimize Your Catalog with Listing Quality Metrics

Listing Quality APIs give you an in-depth breakdown of your Listing Quality score, post-purchase insights, and the overall quality of your content. Learn more about Listing Quality metrics and get a better understanding of how your items are performing so you can improve your listings and increase visibility with the Pro Seller Badge.

Use Insights from the On-Request Reports API to Boost Sales

Optimize sales by generating Item Reports in minutes using the On-Request Reports API. Use the API to quickly check if your listings are priced competitively on Walmart.com, so you can secure the Buy Box position, increase visibility, and boost growth.

Upcoming Order API Changes

Next month, we are modifying the default values for the query parameters: createdStartDate and lastModifiedStartDate in the Get All Released Orders API and Get All Orders API. The default value will be reduced to the current date -7 days. Also, the maximum number of orders that can be fetched at a time will reduce from 50K to 20K. Attempting to download more than 20K orders will return an error.

Throttling Limits Update

We’ve made minor updates to the maximum default number of API call requests that can be made per hour and day. The default throttling limits for the following feed types have been updated: BULK-RETIRE, Return Overrides, MP_ITEM, MP_WFS_ITEM, and MP_MAINTENANCE. If you are seller with default throttling limits, exceeding the limits will be returned with an error. Please review your algorithms to align with our current throttling limits.

Security & Privacy

Walmart protects your security and privacy. We will never ask for personal information (such as passwords or credit card numbers) in an email. If you receive such a request, please do not respond to the email.