March 2021

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News & Announcements

Keep Track of the Entire Purchase Order Lifecycle from 'Created' to 'Delivered'

Purchase orders now include ‘Delivered’ as a status to help you manage your orders seamlessly. Use the GET All Orders API to know exactly when customers receive your items. You can also filter orders by ‘Delivered’ status (e.g. call /v3/orders?status=Delivered).

Migrate to Shipping Templates by April 30

Optimize your shipping configurations and make the switch to Walmart’s customizable Shipping Templates to support a fast and precise delivery experience for your customers. If you don’t migrate before the April 30 deadline, your global shipping settings will be reflected in the Default Shipping Template.

Migrate to Shipping Templates today

Improve Fulfillment Efficiency Using Inventory APIs

Improve fulfillment efficiency and maintain accurate product levels across multiple fulfillment centers using our Inventory APIs. Plus, later this month, we’re releasing more parameters to help you effortlessly manage your catalog.

Get a Refresher on Refund APIs

One of the top 4XX errors identified in API calls occurs when refunds are applied. Below we explain how to properly initiate refunds for customer returns. If a Return Order exists:

  • DO: Use the Issue Refund API
  • DON’T: Use the Refund Order Line API. You should only use the Refund Order Line API for partial adjustments.

Security & Privacy

Walmart protects your security and privacy. We will never ask for personal information (such as passwords or credit card numbers) in an email. If you receive such a request, please do not respond to the email.