Item Spec 4.0


Item Spec 4.0

Walmart Marketplace sellers can enjoy an easier, more user-friendly item setup and maintenance process. Learn what’s new.

The Walmart Marketplace item setup and maintenance process has gotten an exciting refresh. Read about new features and get started. 

Enjoy these benefits:

Improve efficiency

Experience faster item setup and management with an easier workflow.

Increase discoverability

Improve customer traffic to your listings thanks to new and optimized attributes.

Set up once for multiple functions

Enjoy one spec for Marketplace item setup and Walmart Fulfillment Services setup.

Improve efficiency

With the launch of Item Spec 4.0, we’ve eliminated tedious processes in favor of streamlined ones. Key features include automated product tax code assignment and the removal of Excel macros. Plus, the days of holding on to legacy sheets are over – one spec sheet, multiple functions.

Increase product discoverability

Item Spec 4.0 has new and optimized attributes that help organize products in site navigation and on shelves. Specify all new relevant attributes to ensure your products appear when customers search and browse products using filters on the left-hand navigation.

7 - 40

Required attributes for Marketplace

Enable your items to be eligible for purchase orders.

20 - 80

Recommended attributes for Marketplace

Help more customers find your items online.

Set up once for multiple functions

If you use Walmart Fulfillment Services (WFS) or plan to in the future, you’ll be delighted by a simpler setup and onboarding process.


Not part of WFS but want to discover more information? Click here.

Ready to get started?

Whether you are a Seller Center user or integrate with Walmart API, Item Spec 4.0 is available to you.

For Seller Center users

For API users

Learn more about Item Spec 4.0

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