• Technical service provider for e-commerce merchants financing

Dowsure is the digital financing enabler for marketplaces to provide financial services to cross-border e-commerce merchants. Now we have became the official lending service provider at Walmart, Amazon, eBay, Shopee, Facebook.

As to build up the infrastructure for e-commerce sellers financing, data has been collected through platform lending API and outputted to banks through data sandbox that solves the problem of data transfer. Dowsure’s risk control model, Dual account locking, is implemented to mitigate dilution risks and secure sellers’ willingness to repay, simultaneously real time data monitoring system is provided for post loan management. Based on those technologies, Dowsure in hand with more than 35 partners, have enabled more than 10 financial institutions like HSBC, Ant Group, to originate more than 6 billion CNY loan to merchants on the leading marketplaces.

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