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Integration Methods: Solution Providers

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Provider Services
Full-Service Solution Providers
Specialty Solution Providers
Other Specialty Partners

Provider Services

Solution Providers help Sellers manage and synchronize eCommerce data across multiple marketplace platforms through data feeds. These providers offer a wide range of products and services (such as item setup, inventory, order fulfillment and pricing) and provide support for issues related to the feeds submitted through them. While some Solution Providers offer full-service integration, others only perform specific functions. Each integration is tailored to your specific needs, so you should reach out to the Solution Provider directly to gather information on costs, features and capabilities.

We are currently working with multiple Solution Providers and continue to add to the list.


Full-Service Solution Providers

The following are full-service Solution Providers, who will take care of your item setup and management, inventory, orders, and pricing: 

Specialty Solution Providers

We also work with a number of specialty Solution Providers who can assist you with managing particular aspects of your business with

Provider Name
Item Setup & ManagementInventoryOrderPrice
Provider Name
Item Setup & ManagementInventoryOrderPrice


Other Specialty Partners

These partners offer additional services, as described below:

Provider Name
Services Offered
Sales tax reporting and filing

Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

Q: What is a Solution Provider? 
A: A Solution Provider is a third-party company that provides specialized services to help you run your eCommerce business. Working with a Solution Provider can make your business more efficient and optimize your online sales. 

Q: What's the difference between direct integration and integrating through a Solution Provider? 
A: Direct integration means that your company will set up and manage your Walmart Marketplace account. You will add your items using either the API, Bulk Upload or a hybrid of the two (Bulk Upload and API). If you choose to integrate via a Solution Provider, you select a third-party Solution Provider to help you manage your Walmart Marketplace account. Solution Providers all operate differently; some may specialize in item setup, while others specialize in shipping. You should identify the areas you would like help with and then search for a Solution Provider that can meet your needs. To help you find the right fit, we highly recommend asking the following questions when evaluating a Solution Provider:

  • Do they offer:  
    • Item integration, including variation and swatch support?  
    • Order integration, including order cancellation, refunds and shipment services?
    • Price integration, including price promotion and dynamic product repricing services? 
    • Inventory integration?
  • Can they synchronize eCommerce data across multiple marketplace platforms?
  • How much do they charge, including launch fees, setup fees and monthly support fees?
  • What type of support do they offer (e.g., phone, email, chat)?
  • What level of support do they offer (e.g., response time SLA, dedicated agents, etc.)?

Q: Do I need to choose a Solution Provider?
You don't have to use a Solution Provider. You can manage your account yourself as long as you are capable of maintaining the daily operation tasks and/or you have in-house technical support staff. 

Q: I'm not sure if I want to use a Solution Provider. When do I need to decide? 
A: We recommend making a decision as soon as possible so you can get your items live on Walmart Marketplace. Remember, you don’t have to use a Solution Provider if you can manage the daily operational tasks once your account is live.

Q: Do I have to pay a Solution Provider to help me manage my account? How much does it cost? 
A: Every Solution Provider has their own distinct contract and agreement. You should contact the Solution Provider to find out more about their pricing.

Q: How can a Solution Provider become authorized to work with Walmart Marketplace? 
A: Solution Providers can contact a Walmart/Jet Marketplace Business Development representative. The process to become one of our approved partners takes around 8-12 weeks.  

Q: Do you have a rating system for Solution Providers?
A: No, at the moment we don't provide ratings for our approved Solution Providers. However, we do carefully monitor their performance using a wide variety of metrics.

Selecting a Solution Provider

Q: Which Solution Provider is the right one for my company?
A: Unfortunately, we can't provide any recommendations/advice about which Solution Provider would be a good fit for your company. You should select the option that best suits your business’ needs. For more information, refer to the list of Walmart-approved Solution Providers listed in this article and view Jet-approved Solution Providers on their website.

Q: What services does each Solution Provider offer? 
A: Please contact the Solution Provider(s) directly to learn more about their specific services.

Q: Why can't I use a Solution Provider that isn't on the list you provided?
A: Similar to Marketplace Sellers, all third-party Solution Providers are required to go through our integration process. During the integration process, they must demonstrate that their systems are fully integrated and ready to support Marketplace Sellers.

Q: Why won't Walmart let me use a Solution Provider that's not on the Walmart list but approved for 
A: If a Solution Provider is approved for but isn't on Walmart's approved list, that means they have not completed Walmart Marketplace’s integration process and can’t be used to support your Walmart Marketplace account at this time. 

Q: A Solution Provider states on their website they are already integrated with your systems but they aren't on your list of Walmart-approved Solution Providers. What's going on?
A: All of our approved Solution Providers have been rigorously vetted to ensure they are capable of updating Walmart’s APIs within their systems. Our APIs are open-source (accessible to anyone). Some Solution Providers have built functionality to support integration with Walmart Marketplace, however, they haven’t completed the integration process directly through us. 

Q: I want to use a specific Solution Provider that isn't on your list. Should I wait to integrate with Walmart until they become one of your official partners?
A: That is entirely up to you. Keep in mind that if a Solution Provider isn’t currently authorized or integrated, it may take 8-12 weeks for them to become ready to support your account.  

Q: Can I use more than one Solution Provider? For example, can I choose to use different Solution Providers for specific services? 
A: Yes, you can utilize multiple Solution Providers to manage your Walmart Marketplace account. For example, you can use one Solution Provider to manage your shipping integration and a different one to handle inventory management. Remember, you must consult with the Solution Provider to verify which services they offer.

Managing My Account

Q: Are there any special agreements or contracts I need to sign with the Solution Provider before I can begin the Onboarding process with Walmart?
Usually a Solution Provider covers all selling channels in their standard agreement. There are some Solution Providers that require a separate contract to add a new channel. Each Solution Provider has a distinct operational model; contact them directly to learn about their contractual requirements.

Q: If I use a Solution Provider for Item Setup, how does the process work?
You should contact the Solution Provider directly for more information about how their item setup process works.

Q: If I don't like the Solution Provider I've chosen, can I switch to a different one? And can I decide to perform direct integration in the future? Would those changes affect my account? 
A: Yes, you can switch to another Solution Provider or opt to use our direct integration method. This will not have any impact on the status of your account. To change your integration method, create a case for Partner Support via Seller Center and choose My Account – Change Solution Provider and a member of our Partner Support team will process your request.

Q: How do I notify Walmart that I'd like to change Solution Providers?
A: If you would like to change Solution Providers, create a case in Seller Center with the following fields:

  • Issue Category: My Account

  • Sub Category 1: Change Solution Provider

Q: What must I do when changing Solution Providers? 
A: We highly recommend that you regenerate your Private Key as soon as your contract or term comes to an end with a Solution Provider. This ensures that your data is not consumed by the previous Solution Provider. If you are connected to multiple Solution Providers, you will have to provide this newly generated key to each of the Solution Providers to ensure that your integration is not disrupted.

** Note: Please reach out to your Business Development contact with any questions not covered in this document. **



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