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Frequently Asked Questions: Getting Started

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Q: Why should I join Walmart Canada Marketplace?
A: By joining Walmart Canada Marketplace, you have the unique opportunity to reach approximately 8 million unique visitors each month and to join the thousands of Suppliers and Sellers that call themselves Walmart Partners.

Q. How do I join the Walmart Canada Marketplace?
A: Please contact the Walmart Canada Marketplace team at

Q: What qualities does Walmart look for when inviting a Seller to join Walmart Canada Marketplace?
A: We are looking for relationships with reputable retailers and brands that provide:
  • First-class customer service 
  • Unique product assortment
  • Competitive pricing 
  • Fast and reliable fulfillment

Q: What is "Seller verification" and how does it work?  
A: Walmart’s verification process is proprietary and confidential. We make every effort to move Sellers through the process as quickly as possible.

Q: Once approved, how do I start selling?
A: Once you have been approved as a Seller and there is a Walmart Marketplace Program Seller Agreement in place, you will receive an "Invitation to Sign Up" email that will contain a designated window for signing up as well as next steps you can expect. Then, you will register on Seller Center and integrate your items and fulfillment system with Walmart. Once you are ready to go live, your items will be made visible to customers.

Q: I am a Drop Ship Vendor (DSV). Can I sell on Marketplace as well?
A: Yes, you can sell as both a DSV and a Marketplace Seller. However, any items you offer must be sold as either a DSV or a Seller. You can't sell the same item as both a Seller and a DSV.



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