One of the best things you can do as a Walmart Marketplace seller is plan your assortment for the months ahead based on upcoming trends. Right now, it’s time to focus on summer fashion, and we’re zeroing in on a particular audience: teens and tweens. These young adults are tech savvy, tapped into trends, and ready to give their wardrobes a playful upgrade for a new season. Thanks to help from our merchandise experts and in-house fashion team, we’ve got our pulse on what’s coming to for this shopping-ready group.

Find out what has bestselling potential in your assortment, and better yet, fit these into your production schedule if you don’t already carry them. Discover all the young-adult summer styles Walmart Marketplace sellers should have on their radar and fill out the inquiry form below to connect with us if your inventory stacks up. When teens are ready to hit ‘add to cart’—whether on their own or with parent supervision—you’ll want to offer what they’re looking for.

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What’s trending in the Young Adult Women’s category

There are two key trends on opposite sides of the style spectrum: cottagecore and utility. In case you missed it, cottagecore has been trending for the past year or two, and it embodies a romanticized countryside scene—think ruffles, flowy dresses, puff and bell sleeves, pastels, and smocked peplum tops.

On the other hand, utility is just as “in” at the moment. Solid-colored cotton or denim jumpsuits cinched at the waist offer simplicity and comfort, neutrals and earth tones can be easily mixed and matched, and light camo adds a bit of grunge. Oh, and tie-dye clothing is still very much in demand.

What’s trending in the Young Adult Men’s category

Summer is all about surfing, skating, and getting out of the house for many young adults, and their wardrobes will reflect that. Predictions for young adult men include ripped jeans, joggers, patterned shorts, and lightweight shorts (such as chino shorts). Graphic tees, casual printed button-down shirts, anoraks (waterproof jackets), and printed socks are also trending.

More prints and color trends include elevated camo, plaid in hip & bright colors, flames, graffiti & airbrush-inspired t-shirts, and again, all things tie-dye.

Brand spotlight:

TIP: The following trends are gender neutral. The more options, the merrier!

Continue to prioritize loungewear & athleisure

Loungewear has defined the fashion landscape across all ages for the past year, so it’s not going away just yet. Give your cozy loungewear assortment a summery twist with cropped chunky knit cardigans, tie-front cardigans made for layering, sweatshorts instead of sweatpants, and comfortable track pants or joggers.

Keep in mind that customers love matching sets and bundles with the full set being offered on one listing. When it comes to colors, less is more in this category. Black, gray, navy, purple, pastels, and earth tones are the solid colors to keep on your radar. If you do want to go with a pattern, animal prints are still having a moment. Plus, give your footwear the cozy treatment—slides and slippers fit for both the outdoors and indoors will be sought after.

Help them get back-to-school ready!

Back-to-school shopping is a tradition for many tweens and teens, and it’s not just about fresh notebooks and pens. Help students prep their wardrobes for the new year ahead, especially those who may be switching from a digital environment back to an in-person one. Girls and boys alike will be reaching for flannels, “shirt jackets” (flannels or other thick materials with buttons that can be worn on its own or open over a shirt), plaid, gingham, and yes, tie-dye. Think of options that can be easily transitioned from summer to fall.

Additionally, chunky cardigans, colorful sandals, ruffles, lace, and puff-sleeve dresses (echoing the aforementioned cottagecore trend) will spill over into the school-ready clothing for girls, too.

Dole out the denim

Finding the right jeans as a growing teen can be tough, so refreshing your denim selection with a wide range of options can be really helpful for your customers. Young adults will be on the hunt for denim in all sorts of lengths, sizes, colors, and styles.

Denim in demand:

Cargo pants

“Mom” jeans


Boyfriend jeans




denim jackets

Get graphic (with your t-shirts)

Being loud and proud about your fandoms and pop-culture obsessions as a teen is a form of expression that spans generations. Big posters tacked to bedrooms walls may not be as common these days, but sporting graphic tees is. Today’s kids are all about tees featuring their favorite licenses from music to food and anime. They love nostalgic tees, euphoric prints, and national park inspired tees, too. For example, Disney, Star Wars, fun prints like butterflies and rainbows, and airbrush effects are all popular t-shirt themes

Don’t forget the accessories & shoes

Help your customers accessorize their outfits while staying within their budget with on-trend items like scrunchies, baguette (mini) bags, chunky sunglasses, bucket hats, and nylon canvas tote bags. As for shoes, platform everything—sandals, sneakers, loafers—is in.

Brand spotlight:

Feeling formal? Include options for a night out

While most of the styles we’ve highlighted so far are casual, let’s not forget all about formal attire. Putting together a look for a night out or a special occasion means having go-to items in your closet that fit the bill. For the audience at hand, sequins, sparkles, and lace are the eye-catching accents and materials teens will gravitate toward. Another big trend in this space is two-pieces, like two-toned matching sets, as well as colorful suits and short suits.

Keep these handy attribution & naming tips in mind if you intend to have them flow into the juniors categories

Attribution tips:

  • Tag with the proper “Clothing Size Group” (Young Women’s = Juniors; Young Men’s = Young Men’s)
  • For Junior Plus Sizes, use “Clothing Size Group” = Juniors Plus

Naming tips:

  • Include Brand + Gender + Keyword (Juniors, Young Men’s) + Item Name​
  • Don’t include the size, color, or style number in the product names
  • Recommended product title is max 181 characters ​

General tip:

  • Include an image of a size chart to ensure customers order the right size
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