Ever wondered what your listing quality score is on Walmart.com? Now with the new Listing Quality tool, you will know exactly where your catalog stands and where to make impactful improvements immediately. Join our webinar to hear our experts discuss a number of insights you can utilize to get your listings in front of customers and, consequently, drive your sales to new heights.

You’ll see all of the strategies and tools—all available to sellers for free—that will not only help put your items at the top of search results, but will make your listings appear much more enticing to discerning customers looking for more information, visuals, competitive pricing and better shipping options for their purchasing decisions.

Here are the highlights of what we’ll cover:

  • Learn about listing quality score and ways to improve it to reap the benefits of higher product discoverability, increased conversions and, consequently, more sales.
  • Discover our brand-new Listing Quality Dashboard in Seller Center—a free tool that not only shows you insights on where your listings need improvement but the means to make those changes quickly and easily, right from the dashboard!
  • Understand all the different ways you can optimize your listings and gain more visibility yourself, like adding detailed product descriptions, a faster delivery promise, competitive pricing, and more.

Andrei Parenco
Seller Services Manager
Walmart Marketplace

Jeffrey Lee
Product Manager
Walmart Marketplace

Alan Dunkin
Sr. Content Strategist
Walmart Marketplace

When: September 9th, at 10:00am PST

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