Our homes are our retreats, and that’s never felt truer than over the last year. Homes have become schools, gyms, offices, and more, and these simultaneous functions call for rethinking what’s necessary and what’s clutter—and what truly makes a house a home.  As we make way for a new season and take a breath of fresh air with the changing of the weather and our moods, Walmart Marketplace will be a destination for the best home décor finds for summer.

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Squeeze citrus summer into your assortment

It’s a fact: yellow brightens moods. The season’s overarching theme in décor is citrus summer, which oozes with feel-good colors, cheerful patterns, and citrus hues and motifs. There’s no real right or wrong way to execute this style since it works on just about everything from kitchen towels to bedding and outdoor furniture. It’s the very zesty trend of the season.

Citrus summer isn’t all about a literal translation, either. In addition to yellow accents and lemon-adorned kitchenware, this theme encapsulates vacation-inspired prints like flamingos & tropical designs, iridescent pastels, calming hand-woven rugs in natural materials, and quirky accessories like pineapple-shaped lamps or vases. Heritage prints, such as stripes, checks, and vintage palms, also play a role here.

Bringing soothing, nature-inspired décor inside and bringing dining outside during sunny days will be a top priority. With a collective renewed optimism and a return to travel, these styles help people create their own escapes.

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Be mindful of a desire for minimalism and eco-friendly finds

Many shoppers are becoming more conscious of their environmental impact and they’re making purchasing decisions to reflect that. Eco-friendly materials, such as bamboo and reclaimed wood, are top of mind as people “spring clean” their home décor and make intentional swaps.

Plus, minimalism has been on the rise and will continue to be a priority for the environmentally conscious crowd. When people donate items that cause unnecessary clutter and look for functional pieces that make the most out of their space, organizational items with simple designs will come in handy.

Lean into Americana for Fourth of July and beyond

Whether families are decking out their homes for Fourth of July parties or other small groups are creating an atmosphere that feels like a party (even if it’s just a backyard dinner), classic Americana is another theme that customers are hungry for.

Memorial Day and Fourth of July staples will include backyard furniture and accessories, party-ready plates & cups, and nostalgic red, white, and blue décor with a modern touch. Consider throw pillows that add a pop of color, modern Americana wall art, and blankets perfect for picnicking. City dwellers can even achieve the feel of a warm-weather BBQ with a grill pan that makes food taste like summer.

Gear up for gifting

Amidst the summer holidays, don’t forget about graduation and Father’s Day—two gift-heavy occasions. Prep grads for their next phase of life with home items that create a mindful, soothing, and grownup atmosphere. Think stylish kitchen appliances like coffee makers & hand mixers, practical wellness gifts like chunky knitted blankets & tech-savvy alarm clocks, and sleek luggage that travels well.

Plus, with Father’s Day on June 20, people will be shopping for functional items that help Dad with all his projects. Keep the grilling inventory coming with culinary tools, and help customers find the best beer glasses, coffee mugs & gadgets, and home improvement tools for their dads.

Outfit your inventory with these in-demand product types

This time of year brings an increased demand for certain types of home products. What do they all have in common? They’re little touches that can have a big impact on the mood and style of a home. These aren’t items that cause major changes, such as all-new furniture sets or appliances, but rather intentional accents that can transform a space for the better.

These include candles, diffusers, wall décor & art, doormat & rug sets, poufs & floor pillows, throw pillows, and picture frames. The more options and color variants in these categories, the better.

In addition, homebodies are looking to make changes to their window treatments. Getting all-new windows can be an expensive headache, but changing them up with new treatments can be a great way to make an improvement. Think new blinds & shades (bonus points for smart devices and automation!), sheer panels, thermal panels & blackout curtains, alternative shades such as solar or Roman, and curtain rods & accessories. Echoing the eco-friendly and minimalist trends mentioned earlier, popular curtain rod & accessory types include natural finishes, wood surfaces, mid-century style, minimal & rustic, and modern touches to classic technology.

More than ever, people want to spend time creating spaces that feel like their own, tailored to their unique styles and needs. These styles and categories are sure to bring smiles to your customers’ faces in the months ahead. If any or all of the above sounds like your upcoming inventory, don’t forget to fill out the form for a chance to increase your exposure in Walmart.com merchandising campaigns.

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