SMSB Consulting Group

Core services

  • Digital Product Content
  • Category Management
  • Planogram Development
  • Commerce Analytics


Quick facts

  • Over 100+ manufacturers and retailers across various channels
  • Tools that promote client cost-savings, process efficiencies, and increase sales

Company Description

SMSB Consulting Group captures, produces, and manages digital product content including product images, their metadata, their features, and their stories for omnichannel use. A privately-held company whose decades of innovation, expertise, and insight continue to impact the quality and industry standard of generating engaging digital product content for CPG, FMCG, beauty, sporting goods, office products, lawn and home care, and home improvement items for retailers connecting with shoppers in consumer-centric environments. We have developed naturally as a comprehensive consultancy with services in: Digital Product Content, Digital Asset and Product Information Management, Planogram Development Solutions, and Category + Commerce Analytics.

We are a laboratory and studio dedicated to the capture and production of enriched, A+ digital product content, its implementation, and its management with original and inventive DAM+PIM tools.

We are data specialists with a Promethean eye in category and commerce analytics; and, we provide prescriptive, actionable solutions across categories and brands that build on your CR purpose, objectives, and goals.

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