Review Syndication Submission

Time to submit your content for Review Syndication.

Please fill out this CSV file with the reviews you want to submit. Make sure you follow the instructions provided in the CSV exactly when filling out this form. Also remember that you must submit ALL of your reviews for syndication, not just some. When you upload the file, make sure it is in CSV format only.

  • 1Walmart Item ID
    The unique Walmart Item ID number assigned to the item this review pertains to (e.g. 17632010 rather than 1EF7FSBZRD2Z). In Seller Center, you can find it on any item’s listing as Item ID.
  • 2SKU
    The unique SKU the seller has assigned this item.
  • 3Review Title
    The title of the review you’re submitting. Some reviews may not have titles—if so, please leave this blank.
  • 4Review Body
    The full body of the review you’re submitting. Do not submit parts of the review text, it needs to be as complete as you can make it.
  • 5Review Rating
    A number 1 through 5 corresponding to the number of stars given during the review. If there are half-star reviews please round down (e.g. for a 4.5 star review give your submitted review 4 stars).
  • 6Review Created Date
    This is the date of the review; it needs to be in this format exactly: MM/DD/YYYY so for example, a review submitted on July 1, 2021 would be 07/01/2021.
  • 7Review User Name
    Enter in the full name or nickname of the reviewer. If one is not given or available then leave this field blank.