Pro Seller Badge

Stand out as a Pro Seller

Introducing a new badge for top-performing Walmart Marketplace sellers

Use this link to visit the Pro Seller Badge page in Seller Center and view your status.

Build trust and drive conversion when
you become a Pro Seller on Walmart Marketplace

With thousands of sellers on Walmart Marketplace, standing out as a reliable choice is important. To help you succeed even more, we’ve introduced the Pro Seller Badge, a mark of excellence given to top-performing Marketplace sellers. Sellers are recognized for good performance, and customers can take the guesswork out of online shopping—it’s a win-win.

Boost exposure & drive conversion

Offers with a Pro Seller Badge are designed to be eye-catching in search results and increase visibility.

Gain customers’ confidence

Let the badge do the talking. Each Pro Seller Badge lets customers know you consistently provide great shopping experiences.


Make sure you meet the following criteria in order to be automatically eligible for our Pro Seller Badge. Walmart will grant badges to sellers’ entire catalogs accordingly (no applications necessary).

NEW Pro Seller Badge criteria*:

  • Seller-accountable On-Time Delivery: ≥ 90% in the last 90 days
  • Seller-accountable Cancellations: ≤ 2% in the last 90 days
  • Listing Quality Score: 70% of a seller’s trending catalog must be ≥ 60%
  • Orders: more than 100 in the last 90 days
  • No Trust & Safety or Performance Standards violations
  • Seller is active for at least 90 days

Criteria can be monitored in the Listing Quality Dashboard. Sellers must consistently comply with Walmart Marketplace policies.

* Temporary adjustment, usually 5% or less

Why Listing Quality matters

Learn more about what contributes to your Listing Quality Score. An optimized listing works together with other important factors to determine your Pro Seller Badge status.

How to check your status

You can see your Pro Seller Badge status at any time in Seller Center. Whether you are badged or need to improve specific metrics, you’ll find all the details here:

  1. Under Analytics & Reports, select Growth Opportunities.
  2. Navigate to the Listing Quality Dashboard.
  3. View the Pro Seller Badge section.