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Last Minute Holiday Reminders

We’re in the final stretch of the holiday shopping season and since it’s not over just yet, there are still a few key things to keep in mind. For example, if you experience unusual throttling errors, wait at least 90 minutes before re-submitting requests and monitor the API status page for live updates.

Most importantly, keep customers happy and make sure your products are always available to purchase. Subscribe to push notifications below to receive immediate alerts when inventory is out of stock, or when an item becomes unpublished.


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Shipping Request Best Practices

Get a refresher on how to correctly input shipping requests to process your orders quickly and to help ensure customers receive their gifts on-time this holiday season. Keep reading to find out the most common shipping request errors and learn how to make sure your requests are successful.


  • Do: For our supported list of carriers, use the attribute “carrier”
  • Don’t: Use the attribute “otherCarrier”
  • Do: When choosing unsupported carriers enter the attribute “otherCarrier”
  • Don’t: Use the attribute “Other”
  • Do: Enter valid numeric tracking numbers
  • Don’t: Enter generic numbers or text such as “TBD”
  • Do: Enter the carrier’s actual tracking URL
  • Don’t: Enter the carrier’s single tracking number, generic URL, or aggregator’s URL
  • Do: If there is more than one order line shipping in one shipment, provide the quantity per order line
  • Don’t: Provide the total quantity within the shipment
  • Do: As a unit of measurement, use “Each”
  • Don’t: Use unsupported units such as “Box” or “Bundle”


Adjust Fulfillment Settings for Non-Working Holidays

Don’t forget to customize your fulfillment settings to indicate non-working days when your facility may be closed this holiday. Use the Calendar Day API to configure fulfillment schedules and update shipping cutoff times if needed.

For more information, read our detailed Fulfillment Center Settings guide and API reference.

Sync Inventory API Reminder

We’ve noticed a spike in throttling errors for the Single Item Inventory Update API (also referred to as Sync Inventory API). As a reminder, this API is intended for emergency updates only and is highly throttled. For daily updates, please use Bulk Inventory Update APIs which have higher throttling limits.

On-Request Report API Filters

Manage your catalog efficiently and quickly view important insights about your items using On-Request Report API filters. Sellers can use the Row Level and Column Level filters to customize the report and exclude any redundant information you may not need.

Removal of Pre-generated Item Report Version 2

As a reminder, on November 25 the Pre-generated Item Report Version 2 was removed. Any attempts to download version 2 will return an HTTP code 404 error. To get the Pre-generated Item Report, you will need to use Version 3. Please update your integration with the new query parameters below. 

Update query

In the Developer Portal, we have listed all the fields that are present in version 3 of the Item Report. Please handle the parsing logic with additional fields/columns to avoid breaking the consumer code.

Security & Privacy

Walmart protects your security and privacy. We will never ask for personal information (such as passwords or credit card numbers) in an email. If you receive such a request, please do not respond to the email.

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