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Listing Quality APIs – Take Your Optimization Strategy to the Next Level!

We’re excited to announce the release of three new Listing Quality APIs that will give you easier access to analyze the performance of your listings. Check out the new APIs below:

  • Seller Listing Quality Score API: View your overall Listing Quality score
  • Item Listing Quality Details API: Request item-level details and filter for specific metrics such as post-purchase insights or content quality
  • Categories with Listing Quality Issues API: Discover which categories need improvements

Learn more about Listing Quality metrics and how you can use these insights to improve your listings, drive sales, and grow your business.

Quickly Set Up Items with New Match Function

We streamlined the item setup workflow so API users can quickly add new items by matching them with existing items in the Walmart catalog. Sellers can use feedType=MP_ITEM_MATCH and specify any identifier (ex. GTIN, ISBN, UPC) to search.

Additionally, we simplified the nextCursor pagination method and now allow only one string to be reused. Sellers can also specify the start and end pages to return.

Get the Scoop on the Latest API Enhancements

In the past few months, we’ve made some major API improvements to enhance your experience on Walmart Marketplace. In our latest Sell Better Blog, find out which resources are the most useful for your business and can help you make more impactful decisions.

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Marketplace Developer Portal Improvements

We made improvements to the Developer Portal interface to make navigation easier. Explore the new look and feel!

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