Series 1

How to boost traffic to your listings

Your digital presence is more important than ever this holiday shopping season. We’ll help you prepare by going over the best ways to improve your listings so they drive traffic, conversion, and sales. From competitive pricing to Listing Quality best practices, this webinar will cover all the pre-purchase strategies you’ll need to set yourself up for success. Plus, get a heads-up about holiday campaigns, trending categories, and key dates.

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Alicia Definis
Associate Director, Partnerships
Walmart Marketplace

Jeffrey Lee
Product Manager
Walmart Marketplace

Series 2

How to win more sales with fast shipping & returns

Securing sales is half the battle—delighting customers with a satisfactory post-purchase experience is just as important. In this session, you’ll learn about’s ecosystem of expedited shipping solutions, such as TwoDay, ThreeDay, and FedEx Advantage. We’ll talk through best practices for reliable returns, customer service dos and don’ts, and more. Plus, learn how to get support and address any issues swiftly and effectively during peak holiday season.

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Andrei Parenco
Seller Services Manager
Walmart Marketplace

Alexandra de Buhr
Senior Manager
Walmart Marketplace

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