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Expanding customer reach is a key goal for any company, but what’s the best strategy for your Magento-based eCommerce business? A quick internet search reveals scores of articles offering 10 tips or 29 strategies, but rarely do sellers find one strategy with as much potential as the opportunity we’re happy to share with you today.

Walmart and M2E Pro have partnered to make large-scale marketplace growth easy for Magento merchants.

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Walmart and M2E Pro have partnered to make large-scale marketplace growth easy for Magento merchants.

In this post, we’ll explore the potential of this opportunity and provide an overview of the service offered by M2E Pro. Read on to see how you can leverage the expertise of M2E Pro and the scale of Walmart.com.

Defining Large-scale Growth

Just how big is this opportunity? In this case, “large-scale” is really an understatement. The world’s largest omnichannel retailer recently reported that eCommerce sales increased 40 percent last year. And Walmart.com is visited by over 115 million shoppers each month (source). With numbers like that, maybe we should consider calling it gimassive-scale. Whatever it’s called, it’s clear that offering your products on Walmart Marketplace is a great way to reach many, many more customers. But in the past, there was no easy way to connect your catalog to Walmart and then manage your inventory and orders from the Magento platform. Now there is.

The M2E Pro Solution for Magento Merchants

M2E Pro is a Magento Technology Partner and an award-winning, innovative multichannel solution provider. M2E Pro is the only Magento platform-native solution which fully integrates with Magento’s backend. With this new partnership, you can start selling to the millions who visit walmart.com each month. This integration with Walmart Marketplace lets you add your catalog, update your listings, and fulfill orders with a click of a button – all in Magento.

M2E Pro Order Management Screen

M2E Pro’s unique expertise makes them a respected partner for Magento merchants. They have over ten years of experience developing for the Magento ecosystem, and their engineers focus exclusively on their one product. They’re committed to supporting merchants and offer guidance and advice as well as an upgrade path for future Magento releases. The M2E Pro Magento extension for Walmart Marketplace leverages their long history of Magento success to help you accelerate your growth.

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Getting Started

Wishing there was an exciting trade show where you could meet us and learn more?
You’re in luck–we’re heading to Vegas for Imagine 2019!

Walmart and M2E Pro will be one of the most exciting new partnerships to exhibit at Imagine 2019, Magento’s global e-commerce conference. Between the inspiring talks, hands-on labs, and networking events, carve out some time to visit our booth to discuss your unique business needs and learn how easy it is to get started.

Stop by our booth at Imagine 2019

Wynn Las Vegas — May 13-15 — Booth 415

Don’t want to wait? Can’t make it to Imagine? Apply today and we’ll be in touch!

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